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We publish analyses, reports, and news articles below. Some of these articles are republished in the paper edition of Socialist Action Newspaper, which arguably the best political newspaper in North America.

Socialist Action Teams up With ACORN to Demand More Affordable Housing

Sunshine broke through snow fall and high winds in downtown Toronto on April 22 as protesters demanded more affordable housing.  At the site of yet another luxury condo project, members of Socialist Action and ACORN derided the up-side-down priorities of corporate capitalism in Canada’s biggest city.  A federal budget that promises over $100 billion in new spending earmarks only $2.5 billion (and re-cycles $1.3 billion in existing funding) to build, repair and support 35,000 existing housing units — at a time when there is an urgent need for at least 1 million new homes per year if there is to be any hope of putting an end to homelessness and chronic under-housing.  Venezuela could do it.  What about Canada?
In the Trudeau/Freeland government, clearly it is warships and fighter jets that take priority over affordable housing.

SPECIAL EVENT: United Front Celebration of Workers’ Day

Saturday, May 1,  1 p.m. Eastern Time, a united front celebration of Workers’ Day, featuring Socialist Action leading member Julius Arscott (the Labour Forward candidate for President of the Canadian Labour Congress), Yvonne Hanson, chair of the Vancouver Socialist Unity Assembly, and Christopher Thompson, interim leader of the New Brunswick NDP and a prominent Socialist Caucus activist.  Event co-chaired by Elizabeth Byce.

Furey’s Dangerous Folly in Newfoundland and Labrador

What does it mean to lead a province? To Newfoundland and Labrador Liberal Party leader Andrew Furey, it means risking the lives of his constituents to push for power in the middle of a pandemic.  It means jumping headlong into what will most likely be one of the biggest controversies of his time. An election call during a pandemic is ill advised, no matter the reason. Andrew Furey went a step farther, setting a March 25 election, at the dead center of an outbreak of a COVID-19 variant strain in the eastern-most province of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador. He put the lives of voters in greater danger than at the height of the previous wave of non-variant COVID-19. If the health of ordinary people meant anything to Andrew Furey, he would have called off the election in its early stages. So, why didn’t he?

Missing Persons Report – No Solution for Toronto’s LGBTQI community

“Review Lays Bare Police Failings” topped page 1 in the Toronto Star of April 14, 2021. The Independent Civilian Review of Missing Persons Investigations report, led by retired Justice Gloria Epstein, falls considerably short of the press headline. While clearly condemning the indifference, bungling and “systemic” errors of police, the Review presents no credible analysis of what happened.  Worse, the solution it proposes is no solution at all. It actually urges an increase in police funding to facilitate implementation of the Review’s recommendations. (No wonder the Police Services Board welcomed the report and its recommendations!)

Delegates Pushed Undemocratic NDP Virtual Convention to the Left

It may have been the most undemocratic convention in the 60-year history of the New Democratic Party.  Technical glitches (of which there were many) were not the main problem.  Political decisions by the party establishment really made it a farce.  But repeatedly, waves of rebellion crashed ashore as close to 2,000 delegates struggled to counteract ridiculous time constraints on policy debate and blatant manipulation by presiding officers. 

Dump Thug Ford with a General Strike

On a warm, sunny Saturday, April 24 at 12 noon, Socialist Action members gathered at the south end of Queen’s Park in Toronto to protest the abominable Doug Ford Conservative provincial government.  To be safe, participants employed physical distancing, masks, and gloves.Scores of passing drivers honked in approval.  Dozens of pedestrians approached and took literature; some signed up for e-mail contact.