New Rebel Films series off to a great start

On Friday, March 3, Socialist Action launched a new weekly series of Rebel Films in Toronto with the screening, at OISE U of Toronto, of The Coming War on China, John Pilger’s film on the United States and China–both nuclear-armed and on the road to war.

The screening drew more than 50 people, most of whom stayed for the discussion led off by Yasin Kaya, a leading member of Socialist Action and a political economist. Participants engaged in a lively discussion on issues such the nature of the Chinese state and its place in the world order, the imperialist aggression of the US, and threat of nuclear war.

In addition to announcements of many upcoming events, including the rally and march for International Women’s Day in Toronto on March 11, a leader of the striking food service workers at York U addressed the gathering.  Anthony Seet of UNITE HERE invited everyone to a mass picket to be held outside York’s Glendon campus, at Bayview and Lawrence, on Sunday, March 5 at 10 a.m.

The Rebel Films series continues next Friday, March 11 with Ukrainian Agony, a documentary by Mark Bartalmai, who had access to many critical moments in the civil war.  Konstantin Goulich, a long time observer of political events in Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, will lead off the discussion.

Why we turned our backs on Trudeau

[From December 2016 Issue of Socialist Action Newspaper]

by Jessica Sikora, Erin Warman, OPSEU; Cory Weir, Unifor; David Anderson and Suleman Bashrat, UniteHere; Kim Abis, CUPE; Brianna Broderick, USW; Alexander Lambrecht, Northern Territories Federation of Labour

In the waning hours of Monday evening at the Canadian Labour Congress’s Young Worker Summit, a surprise guest was announced. The 400 young union activists who had gathered in Ottawa to address the issues facing their generation would be face-to-face with the most influential decision maker in the country: Justin Trudeau. Continue reading Why we turned our backs on Trudeau

Trudeau clings to Harper’s odious refugee (and other) laws

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum, can designate innocent groups of individuals arriving in Canada for discriminatory treatment. Designated Foreign Nationals (DFNs) are subject to mandatory detention for lengthy periods, with minimal review. There is no right of appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division for those whose refugee claims are denied. Even if a claimant is eventually recognized by Canada as a refugee, he or she cannot begin the process of bringing relatives to this country for at least five years — a violation of the fundamental right to speedy family reunification. Continue reading Trudeau clings to Harper’s odious refugee (and other) laws

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