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VIDEO: The Fight Against Fascism

Live broadcast will begin Sunday, April 5, 7 p.m. (EDT)

Speakers: John Riddell, co-editor of writings on fascism by Clara Zetkin (1857-1933), and Suzanne Weiss, author of Holocaust to Resistance, a survivor of the anti-Nazi resistance.  Discussants to be announced.

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Fight Capitalism!
Workers of the World and Oppressed Peoples Unite!

Toronto Education Workers/CUPE4400 and the newly formed Labour May Day Committee have decided to take the lead on organizing a May Day rally in Toronto on Friday, May 1st, 2020. The International Day of the Worker, also known as May Day, is a holiday celebrated by hundreds of millions around the world in commemoration of the workers who died in the struggle for the eight hour work day.

Last year we successfully organized this historic day of international workers’ solidarity with significant involvement from the labour movement. We intend to strengthen this tradition going forward. Please let us know if your organization would like to join the Labour May Day Committee and make this rally a success.

Tentative Plan:
5:00 p.m., Friday May 1
The rally will go on—online or otherwise. Details TBD. Follow @LabourMay1 (Twitter) or (Facebook) for updates.

If you want a representative to speak and to endorse the event, contact this page or the Labour May Day Committee on Facebook. You can also call/text 416-320-0080 or email and he will add you.


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Key Lessons of pro-Indigenous uprising


by Gary Porter

We have witnessed the beginning of an historic shift.  It is a turning point for indigenous rights, for climate change resistance, and for a new generation of fighters for justice. It is a powerful step forward in social protest in Canada for a new generation of militants.

In mid-February, the RCMP, Canada’s federal police force, moved to attack the blockade erected by hereditary chiefs of the Wetsuwet’en people and their supporters who were there to stop the construction of a methane pipeline across their unceded land.

An unprecedented wave of protest broke out across Canada. From Halifax to Victoria, thousands of indigenous people, especially the young, acted in solidarity with their sisters, brothers and siblings in northern BC. The number, size and militancy of the actions caught the federal and British Columbia provincial capitalist governments off guard.

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Book review: Magnificent Fight


Magnificent Fight by Dennis Lweycky Fernwood Publishing 2019

Though not beautifully written, this is a serviceable summary of an iconic struggle that shaped the workers’ movement in western Canada and beyond. Published in the centenary year of the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, it is a timely reminder of the background to the epic struggle that showed the potential for workers’ control and a new society. Abysmal social conditions, flagrant inequality, and outrage that the War to End All Wars benefited big business rather than the surviving soldiers, fuelled the strike for union recognition, shorter work time, and better wages.

Ironically, while the author documents the brazen class bias and infernal practices of the bourgeois state, he argues for reliance on that very state, and to making reforms within it, to radically change society – a perspective with which the professors of the Socialist Project would be quite comfortable.