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Protest Against the Bombing of Syria

Protest: Saturday, April 14, 1 p.m., 360 University Avenue, Toronto
• Stop the War on Syria
• Imperialist Hands Off Syria
• Defend the Syrian People’s
• Right to Self-Determination!
• NATO Out of the Middle East!
• Canada Out of NATO!

Once again, missiles are flying and bombs are dropping on the Syrian people, a people suffering terribly in the midst of a civil war on a battlefield where the great imperialist powers and their proxies fight to carve up the country. The Canadian government is fully behind the attack by the USA, France and Great Britain in this latest affront to international law, an attack on the right of the Syrian people to decide their own future. There is not an inch of daylight between the position of Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau on interfering in the Middle East. NATO allies the USA, Canada, Turkey, and Great Britain are all actively intervening in Syria, seeking a confrontation with the allies of the Syrian government, Russia and Iran. The danger that this confrontation will spiral out of control, leading to a nuclear war, should not be under-estimated.
All three direct participants in last night’s military attack on the Syrian government are regimes facing immense political problems at home. They are using Syria as a distraction from their domestic troubles. We can’t allow them to murder the people of Syria for their own political purposes.
Imperialism, Hands Off Syria!
Stop the War on the Syrian People!

Hands Off Nora Loreto

The tragic deaths of 14 young hockey players and two workers hit Canada hard on April 6. The horrendous road accident in Saskatchewan left families reeling from sudden loss and pulled at the heart strings of a country with a storied hockey history. This incident connected with Canadians in ways many other tragedies of late have not.

An outpouring of grief has so far raised 10 million dollars (CDN) via a GoFundMe account. This is the situation thus far. No one is trying to diminish the genuine feelings of loss and sadness the grieving families feel, including activist and writer Nora Loreto.

Last Sunday, April 8, Loreto posted a series of tweets, starting a conversation about the degree of attention this tragedy has garnered compared to others that seem to be happening concurrently and in perpetuity.  Loreto was instantly and ruthlessly attacked. She was targeted by two alt-right activists in particular, who posted her tweets to multiple neo-nazi and fascist message groups and sub-reddits. While this response was started by alt-right and neo-nazi groups, it was picked up by numerous other trolls who bombarded Loreto with death threats and vile invective.

For the socialist Left, the question should not be the content of Loreto’s statements (which were seemingly accurate and well meaning, even if not well timed) but should be the vile response by neo-nazis and white supremacists who viciously attacked her for airing concerns and issues in the first place.

This is an attack on the right to make a radical critique of society and the powers that be. The Left, the working class, and progressives in general should stand in solidarity with Nora Loreto and defend her right to initiate a nuanced debate, no matter how unpopular it may seem initially to be.

Furthermore, we need to uphold the unequivocal right to criticize contradictions in society. Nora Loreto aired valid criticisms, tweeting that she can’t help but feel that the “youthfulness, the maleness, and the whiteness” of these victims helped the tragedy garner such a massive scale of sympathy and a corresponding financial outpouring. Death threats from Neo-nazis and fascists, including harassment of the Lorteo family at their home, are totally unacceptable and should be condemned unequivocally. The task is not to police the thoughts of critics of the status quo, but to build movements devoted to smashing fascism and rooting out white supremacy–never making concessions to bullies or to the reality of systemic racism and sexism in Canada.

We stand with Nora Loreto. We oppose fascism, racism, sexism and homophobia in all its forms.  We pledge never to abandon our brothers and sisters to the dictatorial whims of bourgeois institutions or to the jackals of the far right.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

Socialism 2018

Socialism 2018:  A World to Win!

an International Educational Conference

When: May 11–12, 2018
Woodsworth Res., U of Toronto, 321 Bloor St. W. at St. George (in room 35, lower level)

co-sponsored by:
* Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action socialiste – Canadian state
* Socialist Action – USA
* the Socialist Unity League (Liga Unidad Socialista) – Mexico
* OKDE-Greece
* New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) – France.

Friday, May 11

7 p.m.: The New Rise of Revolution in Latin America

  • Juan Cruz Ferre, Left Voice and Socialist Workers’ Party (PTS), Argentina
  • Bob Lyons, Socialist Action/LAS, based in Costa Rica
  • Jaime Gonzalez, Socialist Unity League (LUS), Mexico
  • Nety Maroquin, Socialist Action, active in Toronto and Guatemala

Saturday, May 12

10 a.m.: A Redder Shade of Green

  • Ian Angus, Editor of Climate & Capitalism, author of Facing the Anthropocene
  • Robbie Mahood, Ligue pour l’Action socialiste, Montreal (15 min. commentary)

1 p.m.  “Me too” – a Socialist Feminist perspective on the Movement that is Shaking the World

  • Christine Marie, a leading member of Socialist Action, USA, based in Hartford
  • Fani Oikonomidou, leading member of OKDE, Fourth International section in Greece
  • Elisa Smith, inclusion advocate at the Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto

4 p.m.: Cannon’s Concept of the Revolutionary Party

  • Bruce Lesnick, Socialist Action USA, based in Seattle
  • Barry Weisleder, Federal Secretary, Socialist Action/LAS Canada

7 p.m.  Raise Wages, Defend Jobs, Fight for Justice

  • Mike Palecek, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
  • Pam Frache, Provincial Coordinator of $15 and Fairness campaign
  • Christine Marie, Socialist Action USA
  • Julius Arscott, Exec Board Member, OPSEU, leading member of SA Canada
  • Chris Gosse, President, Int’l Longshoreman’s Union Local in St. John’s, NL

Saturday, 10 p.m. Social at a nearby pun
The Duke of York, 39 Prince Arthur Ave., one block north and east of Woodsworth Residence.

* $15 in advance for weekend
* $20 at door for the weekend
* $5 per session or PWYC.

Contact:   647 – 986–1917

Rally to demand freedom for Mumia Abu Jamal

Socialist Action co-sponsored a March 24 rally in Toronto to demand freedom for Mumia Abu Jamal.  Similar events took place across North America.

SA and the Bolshevik Tendency received over a dozen endorsements from social justice groups including the Black Students’ Associates (U of T), Independent Jewish Voices (Toronto), International Socialists, a Communist Party local club, and the NDP Socialist Caucus.

The event drew over 50 participants, and was the first held in over a year and half in the city.  New SA members played important roles in the event. Samantha Richards co-chaired the rally and Sam Cheadle brought greetings from SA.  He spoke about the unjust treatment of Mumia, and the need to fight systemic racism and capitalism. Participants listened to several speakers including Peter D’Gama of the NDP Socialist Caucus.

The crowd picketed across the road from the U.S. Consulate on University Avenue (police do not allow protests on the consulate side) chanting Free Mumia Now!, Brick by brick, wall by wall, we’re gonna Free Mumia Abu Jamal!