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Let’s Rally for Labour on Labour day!

Let’s Rally for Labour on Labour day!


Monday Sept 7, at 2:00 pm

At the Vancouver Public Library, Main Branch

Facebook event:

Socialist Action BC has initiated a Rally to celebrate the people who do everything, make everything, fix everything and transport everything, the workers of Canada. Let’s celebrate the often racialized under paid essential workers. Let’s join together and raise our voices for a better deal and a better world.

All organizations supporting labour, against oppression or fighting climate change are welcome. Bring your own placards and banners, your own leaflets and pamphlets. All organizations can present a speaker. Everyone gets 5 minutes.

THIS IS A SAFE RALLY. PLEASE WEAR A MASK, PLEASE MAINTAIN 2 METRES DISTANCE. Socialist Action will have some spare masks. Contact us at, or by text at 2505893650

Let us know if want speaking time.

A Celebration of our strength in unity in a time of pandemic, recession, climate ruin, racist cop attacks, and attacks on our living standards and our democratic rights.

Celebrate Labour Day in Toronto Fight for a Workers’ Agenda

Celebrate Labour Day in Toronto

Fight for a Workers’ Agenda



Rally at Toronto’s Christie Park, at the corner of Bloor Street and Christie, near the entrance to the Christie Subway Station

  Monday, September 7, at 1 p.m. 

Please wear masks, gloves and maintain physical distancing in the interest of good health and safety.  Join us for a lively 90-minute rally with live music.


Kurt Young, Socialist Action organizer in Peel, and member of Sheetmetal Workers’ Union, Local 30.
Qaiser Maroof, President, Toronto Local, Canadian Union of Postal Workers.
Kayla Weiler, Ontario Representative, Canadian Federation of Students.
Euridice Baumgarten, NDP Socialist Caucus.
Alejandra Ruiz Vargas, Chair, East York ACORN.
John Wilson, steering committee member of Queer Ontario.
Lauretta Fisher, Spring Socialist Magazine.
Angela Bischoff, Greenspiration, networking for environmental and social justice.
Jahan Niroomand, Fightback Organizer and member of the Canadian Freelance Union, UNIFOR.
Sam Cheadle, Workers’ Action Movement.
Sebastian Mendoza Price, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network.
Chair: Elizabeth Byce, Treasurer, Socialist Action; past secretary Toronto and York Region Labour Council.
Singing ‘Bandiera Rossa’ and ‘The Internationale’, Y.C. Lee, operatic tenor, member of No Pride in Policing Coalition. Singing ‘Solidarity Forever’, Emily Steers, soprano and member of PSAC at Laurier University.

Chair:  Elizabeth Byce, Treasurer, Socialist Action.

Singing ‘The Internationale’, Y.C. Lee, operatic tenor, member of No Pride in Policing Coalition.  Singing ‘Solidarity Forever’, Emily Steers, soprano and member of PSAC at Laurier University.

We demand:  Disarm, De-fund, Disband the Police, Free Public Transit, Ensure Safety-First for Education, Services and Production, Expropriate the Pandemic Profiteers – including the private Long Term Care corporations, Tax the Rich, Free Post-Secondary Education, Fund human needs – not war production or the military, Hands Off Venezuela, Viva-Viva Palestina, Raise the minimum wage to $20/hour, for Good Jobs and a Living Income for All, for an Eco-socialist Green New Deal, Rent Freeze Now, No COVID Evictions, and Provide Quality Housing and Childcare for all who need it.

Sponsored by Socialist Action.

Endorsed by:  Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Canadian Federation of Students, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), Greenspiration, Queer Ontario, Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle, Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity Network, NDP Socialist Caucus and Workers’ Action Movement, Fightback, Spring Socialist Magazine

For more information call:  647-986-1917

Socialist Action Marches in Solidarity Against Police Brutality

Mitchell Shore

On May 30, 2020 Socialist Action members marched in solidarity with thousands to protest the death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet. The demonstration, organized by Not Another Black Life, was held in response to the suspicious death of Regis, a 29-year-old Black woman who fell to her death from her 24th floor west-end Toronto apartment while several police were in her home on the evening of Wednesday, May 27.

Earlier that evening, family members called police for help, telling them that Regis was having a mental health crisis. When the police arrived at her home, the family met them in the hallway. Regis’ mother says she urged them to take her daughter to Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) for support. 

While it is not entirely clear what happened next, soon after the police arrived, Regis asked to go to the washroom inside her apartment.  Evidently, several officers followed. Her family, however, was not allowed into the apartment. Soon after, her family heard Regis call out “mom help, mom help, mom help”. At some point later, an officer came out and and told the family that her daughter had fallen to the ground where she died. 

Continue reading Socialist Action Marches in Solidarity Against Police Brutality


WEBCAST – Socialism 2020, an international education conference online Saturday, June 6, with sessions at 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time.



4 p.m. Capitalism is the Virus – pandemic, climate change, economic ruin and authoritarianism,

France – Aurelien Gavois, a leading member of Anticapitaliste et Revolution, Nouveau Parti Anti-capitaliste in France.

Italy – Michela Guardigli, member, National Women’s Commission, Communist Workers’ Party (PCL), Italy.

USA – Lisa Luinenberg, Political Committee, SA-USA.

Canada – Daniel Tarade, SA-Canada member and science doctoral student at University of Toronto.

6:30 p.m. System in Crisis – A Working Class Vision for the Future,

Emily Steers, Socialist Action Canada activist, and Public Service Alliance, Local 902 member.

Jeff Mackler, SA-USA candidate for President.

Yves Engler, author, activist and leading critic of Canada’s foreign policy.

John Clarke, founding member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.


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