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Socialism 2018

Socialism 2018:  A World to Win!

an International Educational Conference

When: May 11–12, 2018
Woodsworth Res., U of Toronto, 321 Bloor St. W. at St. George (in room 35, lower level)

co-sponsored by:
* Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action socialiste – Canadian state
* Socialist Action – USA
* the Socialist Unity League (Liga Unidad Socialista) – Mexico
* OKDE-Greece
* New Anti-Capitalist Party (NPA) – France.

Friday, May 11

7 p.m.: The New Rise of Revolution in Latin America

  • Juan Cruz Ferre, Left Voice and Socialist Workers’ Party (PTS), Argentina
  • Bob Lyons, Socialist Action/LAS, based in Costa Rica
  • Jaime Gonzalez, Socialist Unity League (LUS), Mexico
  • Nety Maroquin, Socialist Action, active in Toronto and Guatemala

Saturday, May 12

10 a.m.: A Redder Shade of Green

  • Ian Angus, Editor of Climate & Capitalism, author of Facing the Anthropocene
  • Robbie Mahood, Ligue pour l’Action socialiste, Montreal (15 min. commentary)

1 p.m.  “Me too” – a Socialist Feminist perspective on the Movement that is Shaking the World

  • Christine Marie, a leading member of Socialist Action, USA, based in Hartford
  • Fani Oikonomidou, leading member of OKDE, Fourth International section in Greece
  • Elisa Smith, inclusion advocate at the Centre for Social Innovation, Toronto

4 p.m.: Cannon’s Concept of the Revolutionary Party

  • Bruce Lesnick, Socialist Action USA, based in Seattle
  • Barry Weisleder, Federal Secretary, Socialist Action/LAS Canada

7 p.m.  Raise Wages, Defend Jobs, Fight for Justice

  • Mike Palecek, National President, Canadian Union of Postal Workers
  • Pam Frache, Provincial Coordinator of $15 and Fairness campaign
  • Christine Marie, Socialist Action USA
  • Julius Arscott, Exec Board Member, OPSEU, leading member of SA Canada
  • Chris Gosse, President, Int’l Longshoreman’s Union Local in St. John’s, NL

Saturday, 10 p.m. Social at a nearby pun
The Duke of York, 39 Prince Arthur Ave., one block north and east of Woodsworth Residence.

* $15 in advance for weekend
* $20 at door for the weekend
* $5 per session or PWYC.

Contact:   647 – 986–1917

Rally to demand freedom for Mumia Abu Jamal

Socialist Action co-sponsored a March 24 rally in Toronto to demand freedom for Mumia Abu Jamal.  Similar events took place across North America.

SA and the Bolshevik Tendency received over a dozen endorsements from social justice groups including the Black Students’ Associates (U of T), Independent Jewish Voices (Toronto), International Socialists, a Communist Party local club, and the NDP Socialist Caucus.

The event drew over 50 participants, and was the first held in over a year and half in the city.  New SA members played important roles in the event. Samantha Richards co-chaired the rally and Sam Cheadle brought greetings from SA.  He spoke about the unjust treatment of Mumia, and the need to fight systemic racism and capitalism. Participants listened to several speakers including Peter D’Gama of the NDP Socialist Caucus.

The crowd picketed across the road from the U.S. Consulate on University Avenue (police do not allow protests on the consulate side) chanting Free Mumia Now!, Brick by brick, wall by wall, we’re gonna Free Mumia Abu Jamal!

Rally: Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!

When: Saturday, March 24 at 1 PM – 2 PM

Where: 360 University Ave, Toronto, ON M5G 1S4, Canada

  • Open the Prosecution Files – Release the Evidence!
  • Free Mumia! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!

Mumia Abu-Jamal, who spent almost 30 years on death row as the victim of a racist frame-up, has an important court hearing in Philadelphia on March 27, 2018. The former Black Panther and radical journalist is demanding the release of all evidence pertaining to the role of Ronald Castille, then Assistant District Attorney, in his case. Castille was later elevated to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, where he turned down Mumia’s appeal. The U.S. Supreme Court, in the “Williams decision” (also involving Castille), ruled it is unconstitutional for a judge who had previously been involved in a prosecution to subsequently hear an appeal of the same case.

If Mumia succeeds in getting the evidence released, he can have his appeal rights restored. That would open a legal path to overturning his bogus conviction. The demonstration planned to take place in Toronto on March 24 is part of an international day of protest to support Mumia in this important initiative. Mass protests stayed the hand of the executioner decades ago. Mass action now can win his freedom once and for all!


  • International Bolshevik Tendency
  • Socialist Action

Endorsers (See Facebook Event for the Updated List)

  • A Different Booklist
  • Black Students’ Association (UofT)
  • Brock Socialists Club (BSC)
  • Independent Jewish Voices (Toronto)
  • International Workers Committee against War and Exploitation
  • NDP Socialist Caucus
  • Norman ‘Otis’ Richmond (Diasporic Music)
  • Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
  • Parkdale Club (Communist Party of Canada)
  • Socialist Alternative
  • Solidarity Against Fascism Everywhere (SAFE)
  • Toronto IWW General Defence Committee (Local 28)

Talk – Turkey’s Attack on Afrin: most Unjust War against Popular Sovereignty

Join us for an afternoon with special guest speaker

Kawa Jabari

Born in the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq. He was forced to flee political repression and went to Turkey. In 1997, he settled in Canada as a refugee. Jabary has a Masters in political science at Simon Fraser University, and has often presented at public forums and published academic papers in English and Kurdish.

When: Saturday, March 31  2:00 P.M.

Where: OISE room 5-280 –  252 Bloor St West

Everyone is welcome. $4 donation requested.

For more information call: 647-986-1917