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What do workers want from the Irish election of 2020?

Socialist Democracy Statement on the general election


What do workers want from the Dail election of 2020?

January 2020

Many of the issues are crystal clear.

The government fell on the issue of health, but it would be foolish to think that the crisis in health is the fault of one minister. The crisis in health is caused externally by the overall restriction on resources arising from the state’s commitment to paying down on sovereign debt at the expense of expenditure on social services to the working masses and internally by the increasing dominance of private agencies and the profit motive in the provision of services.

A working class programme must demand a public service, free at the point of delivery. It also requires a defiance of the European Central Bank that makes such a service impossible by forcing ongoing bond repayments. The Irish working class must no longer resign itself to living within the restraints of economic programmes set by the banks which our trade union leadership have repeatedly concurred with and promoted.

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Brexit and the Class Struggle in Britain

Lessons and Prospects


Brexit and the Class Struggle in Britain

by Barry Weisleder

For over forty years, Jeremy Corbyn and the left wing of the British Labour Party (BLP) strongly opposed the European Union (E.U.). They opposed joining it. They opposed remaining in it. Was that stance a concession to racism? Not at all. Not any more than opposing imperialist war is a concession to isolationism, or a sellout to capitalists who profit from building homes, instead of bombs. The European Union is a monstrous machine of corporate rule, not a humanitarian refuge. Opposition to it was, and continues to be an essential basis for popular sovereignty and a Workers’ Agenda. The retreat by Corbyn and the BLP into the pro-EU swamp largely explains Labour’s devestating electoral setback on October 21, 2019. (Voters in 53 of the 59 seats that Labour lost had earlier voted to Leave the E.U.)

Why discuss this now? Because reversing that stance will be key to resisting the Tory agenda, towards mobilizing the working class in mass action for a socialist alternative.

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Shame on Trudeau and the imperialist class he serves! Break sharply with the Modi regime in India!

Members of Socialist Action in Toronto participated in the Save Constitution Save Democracy rally at Queens Park on January 26, 2020 organized by Indo-Canadians for Humanity. See below a statement which was distributed to attendees of the rally.

Dear Comrades and Friends,

I am speaking on behalf of Socialist Action, to convey our militant solidarity with the global movement for human rights and social justice in India.

We express, through you, Indo-Canadians, our solidarity with the millions of your brothers and sisters in India who are in struggle against an increasingly repressive, autocratic regime – in Shaheen Bagh, in Jantar Mantar, Jamia Millia, Mangalore, Dispur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Meerut, Kanpur, Firozabad, JNU, AMU, Bhuvaneswar, and Mumbai. The current very powerful and inspiring movement extends to almost every town and city across India.

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Vanessa Beeley’s Syria Meeting in Montreal: a Report


By Robbie Mahood

Vanessa Beeley, a British journalist known for her outspoken views on Syria, spoke to a gathering of more than 100 persons in Montreal December 10, 2019.

A meeting planned the day before at University of Montreal was cancelled after a successful campaign by anti-Assad forces to bar her from speaking.

For me, attending Beeley’s talk was a question of principle: to oppose an attempt to shut down debate on an issue that has divided the left.

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