The Red Review

The Red Review, brought to you by Socialist Action, covers the monthly happenings in Canada from a socialist perspective.

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The Red Review — Interview with Life-Long Revolutionary Judy Koch The Red Review

You can write into the podcast at redreview[at]!In this Bonus Episode of The Red Review, brought to you by Socialist Action, we introduce listeners to a new series, where we interview comrades with 50+ years of organizing experience! Our first guest is Judy Koch, a feminist, disability rights activist, anti-zionist Jew, and currently the Co-Chair of the Federal NDP People Living with Disabilities Caucus.  You can find Socialist Action on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter, or visit our website for more information. Socialist Action also plays a leading role in the Worker's Action Movement, which ran the Labour Forward slate at the most recent Canadian Labour Congress, and the NDP Socialist Caucus.Correction:It was incorrectly stated that Barry Weisleder and Elizabeth Byce were expelled from the League for Socialist Action. Instead, they were expelled from Socialist Challenge before organizing Socialist Action. Links: Website: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty Article: The Sir George Williams Affair and the Struggle Against Anti-Black Racism in CanadaArticle: Henry Morgentaler and the Struggle for Abortion Access in CanadaSome Previously Shared Links: Website: Encampment Support NetworkWebsite: Palestine Youth MovementTwitter: Palestine HouseGoFundMe: 1492 Land Back Lane — Legal FundTwitter: 1492 Land Back LaneWebsite: No Pride in Policing CoalitionWebsite: Red Braid AllianceLinktree: The Rainforest Flying SquadFundRazr: Last Stand for ForestsGoFundMe: Support For Indigenous Land Defenders — Fairy CreekWebsite: Tiny House Warriors (includes donation link)Instagram: Canada Palestine VoteTwitter: Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East
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