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Paying a Tithe to US Imperialism — The F-35 Boondoggle FT. Tamara Lorincz The Red Review

All the people who work on The Red Review live and work on stolen Indigenous lands across Turtle Island. There can be no reconciliation without restitution, which includes Land Back, RCMP off Indigenous land, and seizing the assets of the major resource corporations and returning them to the commons.In December 2022, the Canadian government announced its intention to award Lockheed Martin a contract to supply Canada with 88 F-35 fighter jets. Projected life-time costs currently stand at over $77 billion CAD, making this the second largest procurement in Canadian history.Is this the latest escalation in the new cold war with Russia and China? Or is maybe Canada already at war with Russia?We asked Tamara Lorincz, a fellow of the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute and organizer with the No Fighter Jets Coalition, this question and more. From the purchase of nuclear-armed war planes, to the supposed Chinese 'spy' balloon, and all the way to the Russia-Ukraine war, Emily and Daniel discuss with Tamara what this all means for the international working class and the prospect for peace. Tamara Lorincz and Socialist Action are both members of the No Fighter Jets Coalition and the Canada-Wide Peace and Justice Network, which are organizing a weekend of action between Feb. 24-26. Resources and information below.Stop the War, Stop NATO International Weekend of Action – February 23-26, 2023Register for the "No to War, No to NATO: North American perspectives on Ukraine, Russia, and NATO" webinar on Feb. 19 here: Learn about local events to Stop the War, Stop NATO here: on Canadian Procurement of Fighter JetsRead the new 48-page report "Soaring: The Harms and Risks of Fighter Jets and Why Canada Must Not Buy a New Fleet" published by Women's International League for Peace & Freedom (WILPF) Canada.OrganizationsWebsite: Canadian Foreign Policy InstituteWebsite: Canadian Voice of Women for PeaceWebsite: Women’s International League for Peace and FreedomWebsite: The Canadian Pugwash GroupWebsite: No to NATO NetworkWebsite: No Fighter JetsWebsite: Canada-Wide Peace and Justice NetworkSIGN THE PETITIONS:PETITION: NO NEW FIGHTER JETSPlease sign & share our parliamentary petition and to tell the Trudeau government to #DropTheF35Deal:   PETITION: APPEAL FOR PEACE: End the war in Ukraine, the world wants peace.Target: National governments, the Commission of the European Union, members of the European Parliament, UN Secretary General, further responsible persons in Europe, the USA and Canada, and the global interested public: the show
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