Growth without “well-being”

by Barry Weisleder

The gap between economic growth and the well-being of Canadians widened considerably since the 2008 recession. That is the conclusion of the Canadian Index of Well-being (CIW) which released its third national report on November 23.

This comes as no surprise to millions of people who personally experience precarious work, longer commute times, or rising rates of diabetes, and yet feel none of the promised benefits of a re-surging gross domestic product. Now we have statistics that shatter the myth of “trickle down” prosperity. Continue reading Growth without “well-being”

CRTC ruling: Internet Access is a Social Right

by Barry Weisleder

The Canadian Radio and Television Commission ruled on December 23 that high-speed Internet is now a basic service — as essential to our lives as the telephone. From now on, all Canadians must have access to reliable, world-class mobile and residential Internet services.

This is Big Telecom’s worst nightmare. The CRTC just ordered them to extend full service to every part of the country. This is a shake-up in the world of internet, a big departure from the status quo. Continue reading CRTC ruling: Internet Access is a Social Right

Film Screening: The Coming War on China

The Coming War on China

Socialist Action Presents: Rebel Film Series

When: Friday, March 3, 7 p.m.
Where: OISE, 252 Bloor Street West, Room 5-280 (map)
1 hour 53 minutes

John Pilger’s film on the United States and China–both nuclear-armed and on the road to war.

Yasin Kaya, a leading member of Socialist Action and a political economist, will lead off the discussion.

Everyone welcome. $4 donation requested.

Rebel Films Schedule

Film Trailer:

Mulcair’s cowardly remarks on heroic Fidel Castro

by Sid Ryan

Thanks to decades of right wing anti-Cuba propaganda, some politicians on the left run for cover when asked for an opinion on the legacy of Fidel Castro, who passed away on November 25.

The latest shameful example comes courtesy of interim New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair, who tweeted the following: “Upon the passing of Fidel Castro let us think of the lives impacted by his actions and be hopeful for the future of the Cuban people”.
Is it any wonder that Justin Trudeau ate the NDP’s lunch during the 2015 federal election, and continues to dine at the party’s dessert table? Continue reading Mulcair’s cowardly remarks on heroic Fidel Castro

Canada’s Jeremy Corbyn: Sid Ryan

by Barry Weisleder

Conditions are ripe for a socialist leader of the labour-based New Democratic Party of Canada. Officially, the contest began in July to replace federal leader Tom Mulcair. Mulcair lost a confidence vote of delegates at the NDP convention in April 2016 following his “no deficit” economic austerity campaign that cost the party one million votes and 60 per cent of its federal seats in October 2015. So far, no candidates have registered to run for Leader. The vote by members is set to occur in October 2017. Continue reading Canada’s Jeremy Corbyn: Sid Ryan

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