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WEBCAST – Socialism 2020, an international education conference online Saturday, June 6, with sessions at 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Eastern Time.



4 p.m. Capitalism is the Virus – pandemic, climate change, economic ruin and authoritarianism,

France – Aurelien Gavois, a leading member of Anticapitaliste et Revolution, Nouveau Parti Anti-capitaliste in France.

Italy – Michela Guardigli, member, National Women’s Commission, Communist Workers’ Party (PCL), Italy.

USA – Lisa Luinenberg, Political Committee, SA-USA.

Canada – Daniel Tarade, SA-Canada member and science doctoral student at University of Toronto.

6:30 p.m. System in Crisis – A Working Class Vision for the Future,

Emily Steers, Socialist Action Canada activist, and Public Service Alliance, Local 902 member.

Jeff Mackler, SA-USA candidate for President.

Yves Engler, author, activist and leading critic of Canada’s foreign policy.

John Clarke, founding member of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.


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34th Annual SA Celebration of International Workers’ Day

Webcast 34th Annual SA Celebration of International Workers’ Day, Saturday, May 2, 7 p.m.  with a number of speakers and entertainers, chaired by Elizabeth Byce.



with guest speakers:

John Clarke, co-founder, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.
Naila Saeed, Indocanadians4humanity.
Dirka Prout, co-chair of NDP Women’s Council, member of Socialist Caucus steering ctte.
Yvonne Hanson, climate justice activist and SA leading member in Vancouver, B.C.
Luis Acuna Cedeno, Charge D’Affaires, Venezuela Embassy.
Jeff Mackler, SA USA national secretary and its candidate for President.
Hammam Farah, Executive member, Palestine House.
Nigel Barriffe, Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.
A message from the Cuban Consul General in Toronto
Barry Weisleder, Federal Secretary, Socialist Action.
M.C.: Elizabeth Byce, federal Treasurer, NDP Socialist Caucus, and retired member of the Toronto Local, Canadian Union of Postal Workers

Celebrate with entertainers: HOTCHA! with Beverly Kreller and Howard Druckman; James Gordon, singer/songwriter, playwright, community activist, Guelph City Councillor, and theatre director; poets Giovanna Riccio and George Elliot Clarke; the SPECIAL INTEREST group; Glen Hornblast, folk singer on the social justice scene; Bill Heffernan; Emily Steers, music student and soprano, and YC Lee, operatic singer.

You can watch and listen to the show live-stream by clicking on it at the SA website or enjoy it later via the SA YouTube channel.

For more information, including links to past webcasts and other videos, go regularly to:
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PODCAST: Mourning the Sanders Campaign, Conservatives out Lefting Us, & the NDP Socialist Caucus

The Democratic Socialists of Canada interviewed Barry Weisleder, Chair person on the NDP Socialist Caucus and editor of Socialist Action on their New Left Radio on Thursday, April 9.  The recording is now available for streaming at:

Segment starts about 28 minutes into the one hour Podcast.  It is Episode 2 in a series.  It starts with Bernie Sanders’ retreat from campaigning, and the latest cuts in Alberta.


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Mel Watkins (1932-2020) led the NDP Left in the 1970s

Mel Watkins with James Laxer

by Barry Weisleder

The working class lost two sincere, dedicated, social justice seekers in early April.  Shirley Douglas, a leading public health care advocate, actor, and daughter of former New Democratic Party leader and medicare founder Tommy Douglas, passed away at age 86.  Mel Watkins, who co-authored the Waffle Manifesto in 1969 and led the largest left opposition in the history of the NDP, died on April 2 in his 87th year.

Both Douglas and Watkins belonged to a generation of left wing social democrats who eschewed the proclivity of NDP and Labour leaders to follow opinion polls — rather than fight for socialist principles, and thereby give shape to public opinion.

Since I knew Mel Watkins personally, and had the pleasure of engaging with his powerful intellect and enjoying his wry humour when we both served on the leading bodies of the Waffle Movement, his departure is more poignant for me.  Like his friend and Waffle co-leader James Laxer, whose untimely departure in February 2018 is still felt, Mel was a mensch, a person of integrity and honour.  He campaigned selflessly for ideas, not ego.  He showed the power of a political orientation to the working class and its labour-based party.  Mel demonstrated how a battle for public ownership and industrial democracy inside the NDP could earn the attention and solidarity of hundreds of thousands.  That is precisely why Stephen Lewis and the top brass threatened the Waffle with expulsion.

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