The Red Review Episode 5 — September 2021 in Review and Election Recap

In this September 2021 edition of The Red Review, brought to you by Socialist Action, we magnify demands that weren’t on offer during the 2021 federal election. 

Featuring (vote) Palestine, defunding the RCMP and police, encampment evictions, the fight for abortion rights, the collapse of the Green Party, Western University students walk out of class, Albertain Superstore employees vote for strike mandate, and the release of Meng Wanzhou. 

General Strike Looms in NB

Over the past week more than 22,000 Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) members in New Brunswick have been casting ballots in a strike vote. Some of these folks have been working without a contract for as long as five years. Deadlocks have been piling up under consecutive provincial governments, both Liberal and Tory.

On August 27, over 100 members of CUPE's bargaining teams met in Fredericton for a day-long bargaining summit. Guest speakers included the CUPE NB president, the CUPE national president, and the presidents of the Canadian Labour Congress and the NB Federation of Labour.

On August 28, hundreds of CUPE members and their families, friends and supporters marched in 14 communities across New Brunswick. More than 1,000 attended the march in Saint John. The Saint John rally was the largest in memory since a 1992 general strike. At that rally, Socialist Action was there. SA members Chris Thompson, Mackenzie Thomason, Chris Wanamaker, Lynaya Astephen, Josh Floyd and I were there, as well as Saint John NDP candidate Don Paulin. We walked with the SA banner and we helped deliver giant-size invoices to the office of a local MLA, billing the Higgs government for services. In Moncton about 300 people marched; in Fredericton about 250.  Invoices were delivered there as well.

Action socialiste sur les élections fédérales du 20 septembre 2021: Votez NPD, mais luttez pour un gouvernement ouvrier

Le 20 septembre, les électeurs se rendront aux urnes dans lecadre de l'une des campagnes électorales fédérales les pluscourtes de l'histoire du Canada. Alors que l'écart se resserreentre les libéraux et les conservateurs, les médias grand publicspéculent que Justin Trudeau…


L'élection fédérale ne devrait pas porter sur la popularité personnelle de Trudeau,O'Toole, Singh et Paul ; elle devrait se concentrer sur la calamité à laquelle font faceles travailleurs, et sur la cause première de cette calamité : le système capitaliste. Lecapitalisme…

SA Labour Day Rally on September 6, 2021

On September 6, over one hundred people rallied to mark Labour Day in Toronto at Christie Pits Park.  Chair of the event, Elizabeth Byce, welcomed them with these words:  "The real Workers’ Day, International Workers’ Day is on May First, but we intend to seize this occasion to advance a Workers’ Agenda. Labour makes the country run. Labour should run the country.  In the midst of the current federal election campaign, we urge a critical vote for the only mass labour party in North America, the New Democratic Party. At the same time we strive for a Workers’ Government to expropriate Capital and establish a cooperative commonwealth, in harmony with nature."