Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade Promotion

The Che Guevara Brigade is a unique opportunity to get to know Cuba through people-to-people solidarity and on the ground experiences. There is no better way to get to know the Cuban people than working alongside them, sharing meals and leisure time, and there is no better way to learn about the Cuban Revolution than by seeing its accomplishments first hand! The Brigade’s vibrant program also includes participating in cultural activities, meeting community organizations, visiting health and educational institutions, visiting historical sites, attending workshops and of course visiting the beach!

Socialist Action at No Pride in Police rally, Toronto City Hall Square on June 27

Socialist Action joined about 200 people at the No Pride in Police rally, Toronto City Hall Square on Sunday, June 27, marking the conclusion of LGBTQI+ Pride month. Indigenous, Black, feminist and other speakers highlighted ongoing struggles for social justice, with particular attention to the victims of church-run Residential Schools across the country where unmarked graves continue to be discovered.

Missing Persons Report – No Solution for Toronto’s LGBTQI community

"Review Lays Bare Police Failings" topped page 1 in the Toronto Star of April 14, 2021. The Independent Civilian Review of Missing Persons Investigations report, led by retired Justice Gloria Epstein, falls considerably short of the press headline. While clearly condemning the indifference, bungling and "systemic" errors of police, the Review presents no credible analysis of what happened.  Worse, the solution it proposes is no solution at all. It actually urges an increase in police funding to facilitate implementation of the Review's recommendations. (No wonder the Police Services Board welcomed the report and its recommendations!)