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G20 Settlement: Justice Delayed and Denied


by Barry Weisleder

Ten years after the largest mass arrest in the history of Canada, the Toronto Police Board pledged to pay $16.5 million to the victims.  Over 1,600 protesters and bystanders who were arbitrarily boxed in, arrested and detained in inhuman conditions will share the award. Downtown Toronto was turned into an armed camp during the June 2010 gathering of leaders of 20 of the world’s biggest economies.

Subject to final approval by Ontario’s Superior Court, the settlement will give between $5,000 and $24,700 to each person arrested.  Tommy Taylor, one of the claimants, told the Toronto Star on August 17 that the settlement feels “surreal” after a decade of court negotiations and delays. “Justice delayed is justice denied”, said Taylor.

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New Brunswick Election: Another close encounter?


by Christopher (Chris) Wanamaker

Confusion reigns among New Brunswickers over the snap election called by Conservative Premier Blaine Higgs for September 14, in the midst of a pandemic.

Higgs said he called it because the Liberals ended negotiations over whether to permit his minority government to continue. Liberal leader Kevin Vickers says the Liberals ended talks because Higgs was trying to establish a “dictatorship.” Still, the Liberals wanted him to continue governing until the end of the pandemic.

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WEBCAST: The Formation of the Canadian Colonial Settler State

Thursday, August 6   7 p.m. The Formation of the Canadian Colonial Settler State, with presenters John Riddell and Peter Kulchyski.



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Cops snatch 3 Black Lives Matter – Toronto activists

by Sam Eric


Three activists from Black Lives Matter – Toronto (BLM-TO) were snatched off downtown Toronto streets on Saturday, July 18, by an enraged Toronto Police Service (TPS). The abductions occurred around 11 a.m. after a peaceful protest and art install, which included pink paint being thrown on symbols of Canadian colonialism and white supremacy. Shortly thereafter the official twitter account of @BLM_TO described the situation and issued a call for accomplices to converge on TPS 52 Division to free the activists.


After failing to kettle the crowd at Queen’s Park, and thwarted in their efforts by BLM-TO event marshals, the cops settled on abduction of three Black activists that they could get their hands on. An hour after the abductions took place BLM-TO was not even able to ascertain the whereabouts of the arrested attendees of the event, let alone ensure they had access to counsel. It was subsequently revealed that after driving around the city for three hours with the hostages the cops brought them to 52 Division on Dundas Street West. It was at least another two hours later before the activists were granted access to legal counsel.

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