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Status for All!

The advocacy organization, Justice for Migrant Workers, on June 29 called for an immediate shutdown of Ontario’s entire agricultural industry until every workplace is fully sterilized to stop the spread of COVID-19 among its workers.  From the start of the pandemic, to that point, more than 1,000 agri-farm workers were diagnosed with COVID-19 across the province, according to Chris Ramsaroop.  Justice for Migrant Workers made the following demands of the provincial and federal governments:

  • Full access for migrant workers to all benefits, health care and application of all labour standards to which Canadian workers are entitled.
  • Non-discriminatory testing across the community and food chain.
  • Workers testing positive get the benefits of full quarantine even if they are asymptomatic. 
  • Permanent residence status to all workers with temporary or undocumented status.

The horrendous conditions of migrant farm workers are just the tip of the menacing iceberg.  Most migrant workers, including many females from the Philippines, Mexico and South America who labour here as cleaners and personal service workers, suffer unsafe, precarious and low wage conditions.  They are super-exploited for private profit.  Socialist Action echoes the demands of the Migrant Workers’ Alliance, including those listed below.  SA calls on unions and the labour-based New Democratic Party to make the campaign to champion the rights of this section of the world working class a top priority.  Socialist Action joins in demanding for migrant workers and their families:

  • The right to work and decent wages to make a good living.
  • Freedom from discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, sex, religion or any other status, in all aspects of work, including in hiring, conditions of work, and promotion, and in access to housing, health care and basic services.
  • The right to equality before the law and equal protection of the law, particularly in regard to human rights and labor legislation, regardless of legal status.
  • The right to equal pay for equal work.
  • The right to freedom from forced labor.
  • The right to protection against arbitrary expulsion from the State of employment, and the right to return home if the migrant wishes.
  • The right to safe working conditions and a clean and safe working environment.
  • The right to reasonable limitation of working hours, for rest and leisure.
  • The right to freedom of association and to join a trade union.
  • The right to freedom from sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • The right to protection during pregnancy from work proven to be harmful.
  • The right to protection for children from economic exploitation and from any work that may be hazardous to their well-being and development.
  • The right of children of migrant workers to education.
  • The right of migrants and their families to reunification.

The super-exploitation and oppression of migrant workers is a feature of capitalist rule, aggravated by the present pandemic, economic depression and environmental crisis.  Only a Workers’ Government on the road to socialist revolution can transform society in the interests of the vast majority.  Help make it happen.  Join us today!

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Racism spikes in PSAC


Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte was, until March 2020, a long-time president of a large local union in the Public Service Alliance of Canada based in the Ottawa area.

Sandra emigrated in 1988 to Canada from her native Grenada in the south-east Caribbean.  She obtained employment in the federal public service and became involved in her union, the Union of National Defense Employees component of the PSAC.  As President of PSAC Local 70607 for 12 years, Sandra’s outstanding dedication to members, and her articulate persona attracted envy and hatred from some white members in her region, especially in recent times when Sandra gained accolades as a union spokesperson and educator on subjects like Black History Month.

Her bigoted opponents, mainly from locals outside her own, could not block Sandra’s path by democratic means.  So, they filed false charges of harassment against her.

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WEBCAST: The Formation of the Canadian Colonial Settler State

Thursday, August 6   7 p.m. The Formation of the Canadian Colonial Settler State, with presenters John Riddell and Peter Kulchyski.



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Cops snatch 3 Black Lives Matter – Toronto activists

by Sam Eric


Three activists from Black Lives Matter – Toronto (BLM-TO) were snatched off downtown Toronto streets on Saturday, July 18, by an enraged Toronto Police Service (TPS). The abductions occurred around 11 a.m. after a peaceful protest and art install, which included pink paint being thrown on symbols of Canadian colonialism and white supremacy. Shortly thereafter the official twitter account of @BLM_TO described the situation and issued a call for accomplices to converge on TPS 52 Division to free the activists.


After failing to kettle the crowd at Queen’s Park, and thwarted in their efforts by BLM-TO event marshals, the cops settled on abduction of three Black activists that they could get their hands on. An hour after the abductions took place BLM-TO was not even able to ascertain the whereabouts of the arrested attendees of the event, let alone ensure they had access to counsel. It was subsequently revealed that after driving around the city for three hours with the hostages the cops brought them to 52 Division on Dundas Street West. It was at least another two hours later before the activists were granted access to legal counsel.

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