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The Discreet Charm of Big Oil

by Gary Porter

“Oil lobby targeted 13 Ontario swing ridings in ‘unprecedented’ pipeline campaign” read the headline in the Toronto Star on July 5, 2018.  From their investigation into the political influence of the oil business, the Star reported that the Canadian Petroleum Producers Association (“CAPP”), and three organizations controlled by CAPP, executed an intense and expensive campaign clearly aimed at electing Doug Ford, the newly minted Tory leader as Premier of Canada’s largest and most influential province.

Although CAPP claims the campaign was not intended to influence the Ontario election, it ran from April 8 to May 29. The Ontario election was held on June 7. Voters were targeted in 13 Ontario swing ridings with rallies, high visibility billboards, and 400,000 pieces of pro-pipeline literature.  24,000 letters were sent to influential people across Canada urging support for the Kinder Morgan Trans-Mountain Pipeline expansion to move bitumen to Canada’s west coast for export. If built, the pipeline will triple tanker traffic through busy shipping lanes, and will be loaded with the dirtiest oil in the world.  If this stuff leaks, or pours into the ocean, it will not float. It will sink and leech toxins into the marine biosphere for decades.

Canada does not normally allow such wild west campaign spending. In Ontario, anyone spending over $500 in the 6 months leading up to a fixed date campaign must register and adhere to campaign finance restrictions. CAPP did not register.  Its claims that the campaign was national, not provincial, seem disingenuous at best. How much did it cost? Millions for sure. The actual amount remains hidden because CAPP did not register — presumably, to avoid public reporting.

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government, elected on July 7, immediately terminated Ontario’s Cap and Trade ‘pay to pollute’ oil use plan, and is joining Alberta in suing the federal government over Ottawa’s insistence that provinces implement their own petroleum reduction scheme, or face federal imposition.  Ford is also pulling out of a joint programme with the province of Quebec and the state of California to cooperate on petroleum reduction.

It is important to note that this powerful lobby of polluters does not merely buy off politicians.  It wages its own direct campaigns to stampede ordinary workers and other voters to support the political stooges loyal to Big Oil. This very expensive CAPP campaign stressed jobs and “prosperity”. One TV ad showed a young black woman holding a sign: “Is Canada closed for business?” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who recently paid $4.5 billion to Kinder Morgan to buy its pipeline assets in Canada, appears to be always open for the oil business. The purchase price gave Kinder Morgan shareholders a scandalous profit of 637% on the current market value of the assets.

If you are wondering why gas prices seem high these days, in part it is because your hard earned wages are subsidizing this kind of slick, expensive propaganda at the pump. Consumers are paying for the oil lobby to undermine our limited democracy. Who can afford to answer such high priced campaigns with the facts? Seriously folks, this should be illegal. And to those who cry ‘free speech’, we say free speech is a reality only when everybody is on an equal footing – not perched on a field treacherously tilted in favour of rich and powerful polluters.

The Golden Parachute

Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold mining company in the world, with its headquarters in Toronto, is infamous for political skulduggery, anti-labour practices, and for environmentally hazardous mining projects in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Zambia.

To stay help stay the course, the multi-billion dollar firm just hired two arch-conservative, big business politicians to serve on its international advisory board at over a million dollars apiece, annually.

Joining the board at Barrick Gold are Canada’s former foreign affairs minister John Baird, and former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich. Behold: the discreet charm of the bourgeoisie.

The facts on Climate Change Demand A Radical Solution

by Evan Engering

The latest book of Naomi Klein, the influential Toronto-based journalist, author and activist, may live up to its ambitious title “This Changes Everything”. In it, Klein turns her thorough, eye-opening brand of investigative journalism to the topic of climate change. The book is a surprising achievement for a mainstream author. Her call for a new grassroots movement to rise up and defeat neo-liberalism and halt climate change has been publicized on television and in book stores across Canada and around the world.

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Canada and world march for climate solutions

by Barry Weisleder
While hundreds of thousands marched in Manhattan, thousands took to the streets in cities across Canada to warn that climate change threatens civilization and life on Earth.
Demonstrations took place in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Montreal and Calgary. In Toronto over 3,000 walked from City Hall through the downtown core. Hundreds travelled from Toronto by bus, train and car to participate in the huge New York march. Around the world, from London, England to Melbourne, Australia to Mexico City, to Bogota, Colombia, to Berlin, Germany, people paraded and rallied.
The protests were spurred by reports that the world pumped an estimated 36.1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air last year by burning coal, oil and gas. That is 706 metric tons or 2.3 per cent more than in the previous year, according to the Global Carbon Project international team that tracks and calculates global emissions annually. The results were published in peer-reviewed journals Nature Geoscience and Nature Climate Change, in September.
The leading carbon polluters are China, the United States and India. But Canada’s tar sands industry in northern Alberta is one of the biggest single contributors to the climate change malaise.
The three largest parties in Parliament, the governing Conservatives, the Official Opposition labour-based New Democratic Party, and the Liberal Party all favour the construction of new pipelines to pump more bitumen-laced oil to thirsty markets – at the expense of nature, and to fuel private profit.

Guest speaker Lana Goldberg on Gasland 2

Video of the Socialist Action Rebel Film night discussion that followed the screening of Gasland 2, the 2013 documentary that exposes the myth spread by the gas industry that natural gas is a clean and safe alternative to oil.  Guest speaker Lana Goldberg is an organizer working with Aamjiwnaag First Nation community members and in opposition to Line 9, Enbridge’s tar sands pipeline running through Toronto and across southern Ontario.

Lana Goldberg on Gasland 2