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Popular struggle protecting Hong Kong’s autonomy


Lam Chi Leung

Thanasis Antoniou from OKDE-Spartacus (Greek section of the Fourth International) interview Lam Chi Leung at early November about current situation of the mass struggle in Hong Kong . Lam Chi Leung is a revolutionary socialist based in Hong Kong and editor of the Marxist Internet Archive Chinese.

-What is the current situation of the movement in Hong Kong? What was the impact of the extradition bill withdrawal in September?

It’s astonishing to think that the popular struggle against the extradition bill has sustained itself for a whole five months from its eruption in June until now. Whether in terms of its durability or the scale of mass participation, this is something much more substantial than the Umbrella Movement calling for universal suffrage five years ago. Moreover, the most recent opinion poll from a mid-september shows that 69% of city residents consider the police to have used “excessive force”; 59% “express understanding” towards the radical tactics of the protestors, and as many as 80% of residents believe that universal suffrage should be implemented in the Chief Executive and Legislative Council elections. Public opinion has not shown any reversal in light of the ongoing movement and the intensifying conflict between the two sides.

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“Superfoods” – for good health or a slick marketing ploy?

quinoaby Rob McBean

Let’s take a look at this idea of “super food”. Are there foods which are in some way better to other, non-super or just regular foods? Are there “super humans” walking around, who are vastly superior to us due to their consumption of “super foods”?

The reality is that there are only two different categories that you can put people into based on what foods they eat. Those two categories are: People who are malnourished, and, people who aren’t.

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Watch the U.K. Election results with Socialist Action


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Will Jeremy Corbyn lead the British Labour Party to government on the basis of its most left wing platform in generations?  What are the political implications for labour unions and the NDP in Canada?  What should the working class and allies around the world do to defend a left-Labour U.K. government and to advance the interests of the vast majority against capitalist austerity?  Join us for drinks, food, fun, conversation and quick election analysis.

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Bolivia: Anatomy of a Coup

Article first appeared on (Socialist Action U.S.A.)



On Sunday October 20, Evo Morales was re-elected president of Bolivia with 46.85 percent of the vote against his nearest competitor, Carlos Mesa, who received 36.74 percent. In anticipation of a Morales victory, the U.S. corporate media launched a fake news disinformation barrage nine days earlier, aimed at discrediting the result and setting the stage for a well-orchestrated fascist-led coup. Presented to the world as a popular democratic revolution against a dictator, the coup was led by fascist groups in alliance with Bolivia’s defecting police and army.

The relentless media watchdog Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) aptly reported: “The New York Timeseditorial (11/11/19) accused Morales of ‘brazenly abusing the power and institutions put in his care by the electorate.’ The Washington Post (11/11/19) alleged that ‘a majority of Bolivians wanted [Morales] to leave office’ – a claim for which they provided no evidence – while asserting that he had ‘grown increasingly autocratic’ and that ‘his downfall was his insatiable appetite for power.’ TheWall Street Journal (11/11/19) argued that Morales ‘is a victim of his own efforts to steal another election,’ saying that Morales ‘has rigged the rules time and again to stay in power.’” FAIR’s corporate media accounting goes on to list several major media outlets in the country that dutifully sang the same song.

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