New Brunswick NDP Goes Forward

Efforts to rebuild the New Brunswick New Democratic Party as a socialist, labour-based, working class party made considerable progress at a convention held at the Lions Club Community Centre in Moncton, July 22-24, 2022. It was the first NB NDP convention in five years.  It attracted over thirty delegates, both in-person and online, plus several observers.  In the struggle to organize and convene the gathering, the NDP Socialist Caucus played a leading role, spear-heading efforts to overcome resistance by the provincial NDP leader who resigned rather than comply with the party’s decision to proceed.

Socialist Action | Happy May Day 2022!

Good evening, comrades, siblings and friends.  International Workers’ Day, unlike Labour Day in September, is the occasion to celebrate not only workers’ solidarity and our past gains, but the struggle for socialism.  May Day is rooted in the quest for a world without exploitation and oppression. Socialist Action has been at the forefront of May First actions for decades.  Clearly, on May Day 2022, despite big challenges, there are positive signs.  Young workers are organizing unions.  Witness the breakthrough at Amazon in the US.  Witness the successful unionization drives at West Jet, Indigo bookstores, Canada Goose in Winnipeg, various Starbucks locations, at a Vancouver hotel, and a near-win at Staples in Oakville.  Celebrate the election of a new progressive president of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union, and the triumph of Teamsters for a Democratic Union across North America.  Note the significant support for Workers’ Action Movement candidates at recent CLC and OFL conventions, and the re-election of revolutionary socialists to leading positions in OPSEU and the Public Service Alliance.  The so-called Great Resignation shows that young workers are fed up with low-wage, insecure jobs, and they’re fighting back.

SA at Toronto protest outside Mining Convention, June 13

Socialist Action members joined about one hundred opponents of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada which held a publicity gathering at the Metro Convention Centre in downtown Toronto on June 13.

For over two hours, the protest against the PDAC occupied two blocks of Front Street West, adjacent to the CBC headquarters.  Indigenous speakers and dancers, along with environmental activists from northern Canada, Central America and as far away as Tigray (Ethiopia) denounced the harmful labour and natural resource practices of major Canadian mining corporations operating around the world.

May Day 2022 — Reds and Labour Take to the Streets En Masse in Toronto

On Sunday, May 1, 2022 Socialist Action spokesperson Daniel Tarade addressed hundreds of workers and allies at Toronto City Hall Square.  J.P. Hornick, the newly elected president of OPSEU/SEFPO, along with representatives of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, an Indigenous activist and several socialist organizations also took the microphone.