WEBCAST: The Authoritarian State bolstered by COVID-19

Thursday June 25   7 p.m. eastern time:  The Authoritarian State bolstered by COVID-19.  Host:  Elizabeth Byce.  Speakers: John Clarke, co-founder of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, and John Wunderlich, Board Member MyData.org https://youtu.be/wQjCB86XXDU For more information, including links to past webcasts and other videos, go regularly to:  http://www.socialistaction.ca For answers to your specific questions, and/or to join Socialist […]

The Virology of Capitalism

by Daniel Tarade            In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, socialists insist that “Capitalism is the Virus!” Such a phrase is not a casual flip of the script or a ‘what-about-ism’. Popular discourse surrounding virology (and epidemiology) simply accounts for capitalist rhetoric. We speak of evolution— whether it be natural selection or survival of the […]

Contact Tracing or How governments try to justify the expansion of their spying powers

by Kurt Young In the 2010’s a new technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) rolled out for public use. This is the technology behind the tapping feature of credit and debit cards. Many privacy advocates believed this technology would be used to monitor the movements of people. They believed that NFC chips would be placed […]