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Jail Killer Cops! Smash Racist Capitalism!


Cruel racism abounds in the USA. From the slave ships, to the slave auctions, to the schools and prisons of today; from the whippings, rapes and murders of the past to the beatings, racial profiling and killings of today… slavery is endemic to the capitalist system across North America.  On the land stolen from the brutalized and decimated Indigenous peoples, capitalism was built on the backs of African and Indigenous slaves, and by impoverished, exploited and oppressed immigrants and racialized workers.

In Canada, the ruling class papered over the violent seizure of land from the indigenous peoples — much of it still unceded.  Those peoples were starved, raped, injured and murdered.  Their children were seized, imprisoned in residential schools where the “Indian ” in them was suppressed relentlessly, where many were over-worked, underfed, beaten, raped and killed.

“No institutionalized racism in Canada”? Canada was founded on racism toward Indigenous peoples, Metis, Quebecois, Blacks and racialized immigrants.  In 1755-64 the Crown expelled Acadians from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  Slavery was legal in Canada until 1833.  Ottawa imported Chinese workers, many of whom died building the Canadian Pacific Railway; the survivors were ordered to leave.  The state interned Canadians of Japanese heritage during World War II.  In 1946, Viola Desmond went to jail for challenging anti-Black segregation in Nova Scotia. Racial profiling and racist murder by cops continue. Canadian mining companies exploit and brutalize black and brown people around the globe, stealing their resources for a fraction of their market value. Canadian capitalism was born of racism.  It carries the virus to this day.  We demand:

1.   Stop and reverse the invasion of unceded lands and First Nations territories by mining, gas and oil corporations.

2.   Enforce fully the U.N. Declaration of Rights of Indigenous People.

3.   Jail Killer Cops.  Prosecute Police Brutality. Smash anti-Black racism.

4.   Disarm, De-fund and Disband the capitalist police force.  For Workers’ and Community-Controlled Policing.


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April 2020 edition of Socialist Action newspaper

Dear comrades and friends,

During these extraordinary and difficult pandemic times, with no public events where Socialist Action newspaper is normally offered for sale, we are stepping up to bring the revolutionary press to you electronically.  Please open the attached Pdf.

April 2020 issue

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Barry Weisleder,

Canada editor,

Socialist Action newspaper



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The 2019 Socialist Action ‘Year in Review’ 

The 2019 SA ‘Year in Review’   by Barry Weisleder (presented on December 7, 2019.)

Socialist Action is a small but fast growing revolutionary party that puts a great emphasis on political education.  At the same time, SA is an activist organization that has many practical accomplishments to its credit.  From Chile to Lebanon to Hong Kong, from Ecuador to Catalonia to Iraq, 2019 has been a year of revolt against austerity, authoritarianism and repression worldwide.  Today the working class of France is confronting the reactionary agenda of President Emmanuel Macron with an unlimited general strike.  2019 was also a year brimming with activism in this region, in this country, in which we have proven our ability to make a positive difference.  This is a chronology of the activities of Socialist Action, primarily in the Toronto region, during the past 12 months.

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WE ARE WITNESSING AN HISTORIC EVENT. It is a turning point for indigenous rights, for climate change resistance, and for a new generation of fighters for justice. It is a powerful step forward in social protest in Canada.

SOCIALIST ACTION has been expecting and preparing for such struggles. We recently published an in-depth booklet on the history and struggle against colonial-settler oppression, occupation, theft and murder of indigenous people of Canada. It explains how our common struggle against capitalism is inextricably bound up in theirs, and how their struggle is interconnected to ours. There can be no reconciliation under capitalism, and there can be no socialism without reconciliation.

SOCIALIST ACTION IS in the process of publishing a new detailed booklet on the life and death struggle against climate change, how it originated in the ceaseless drive of capitalism for capital accumulation through profit. The very survival of capitalism depends on it and drives the rapid expansion of green house gases that may kill us all. Again, socialism, a system of rational and democratic operation of a planned economy is the only way out of the present crisis.