WAM demonstrates solidarity at OPSEU Local 5117 picket line

A bargaining unit of over 70 workers at the Black Creek Community Health Centre is on strike to demand a pay increase that is mandated by Ontario law.  In 2018 Bill 124 entitled all public sector workers a wage increase of 1 per cent per year, up to a total of three years.  These members of OPSEU Local 5117 want the improvement that workers at community health centers across the Greater Toronto Area received.  They are resisting concession demands by the bosses, who decline to come to the bargaining table and who are operating the Centre with scab labour.


Thursday, May 27  4 p.m. PT, 7 p.m. EST, "No COVID Evictions" with Rob McBean of Socialist Action and ACORN. Host: Elizabeth Byce. Discussants: Maryanna Lewycky, East York ACORN, founding member of CAPREIT Tenants’ Union, Euridice Baumgarten, Tenant Worker, Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations, and Kiri Vadivelu, Scarborough ACORN, founder of Homesky Tenants’ Union.

The Making of the Covid-19 Cataclysm in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves to use new, self-proclaimed labels on India, like Atmanirbhar (self-dependent), Vishwaguru (world’s teacher), etc. These labels are as meaningless as they are fictitious. Although for a while, during the pandemic, it did seem that India had managed to fight off the worst of it and was ready to do the same at the service of the whole world, now India’s condition has grown much grimmer.

Socialist Action Teams up With ACORN to Demand More Affordable Housing

Sunshine broke through snow fall and high winds in downtown Toronto on April 22 as protesters demanded more affordable housing.  At the site of yet another luxury condo project, members of Socialist Action and ACORN derided the up-side-down priorities of corporate capitalism in Canada's biggest city.  A federal budget that promises over $100 billion in new spending earmarks only $2.5 billion (and re-cycles $1.3 billion in existing funding) to build, repair and support 35,000 existing housing units -- at a time when there is an urgent need for at least 1 million new homes per year if there is to be any hope of putting an end to homelessness and chronic under-housing.  Venezuela could do it.  What about Canada? In the Trudeau/Freeland government, clearly it is warships and fighter jets that take priority over affordable housing.