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Latest Deals in the Building Trades Deepen Wage Slavery


Many Ontario construction workers, including those belonging to unions, are being dehumanized in the workplace through an array of repressive techniques.

– Surveillance via on-site cameras.

– Pressure to do precarious work, alone.

– Pressure to complete tasks in unrealistic time frames.

– Being shifted or laid off with little or no notice.

– The hiring of foremen who are under-skilled and scared of management.

– An increase in questionable hiring and firing practices by the bosses.

– Coercion and intimidation are used to get employees to forego their rights to proper pay and safety practices.

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Fight the Education Cuts in Peel

Four children with signs and yelling against Education Cuts

Mississauga Socialist Action

presents a public forum on

Fight the Education Cuts in Peel

Speakers:  Karen Ebanks, secondary school teacher, member of OECTA.

Daniel Tarade, U of Toronto PhD candidate in Science and member of Socialist Action.

Sabia Khan, community organizer, York U PhD student studying history of Ontario public schools.

Entertainment will feature:  Spoken word artist Socialist Hip Hop – Mohammad Ali.  (He will also speak on the panel as a community college student currently organizing against the cuts.)

Saturday, Sept. 7   6 p.m.

at Celebration Square, 300 City Centre Drive, in downtown Mississauga, about 40 minutes west of Toronto.

Everyone is welcome.  Admission is free, donations appreciated.  For more information call:  647-986-1917     Visit:

New Brunswick seeks to block right to strike, again

Proud-nursing-home-workersNew Brunswick nursing home workers are waiting to see whether their right to strike will be upheld after an appeal filed by the province’s Attorney General was made to the New Brunswick Court of Appeal on July 24.

The province is appealing a decision by Chief Justice Tracey Deware who ruled in favour of an earlier labour board decision that deemed most of the workers non-essential, giving them the right to strike. The Chief Justice gave the province until January 2020 to amend the law to ensure it complied with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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NUPGE – Costly and Ineffective


by Julius Arscott

The triennial National Union of Public and General Employees’ Union (NUPGE) convention, held June 20 – 23, drew 350 delegates to Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Many of them witnessed the unveiling of the Winnipeg General Strike memorial, situated across from City Hall, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the historic strike when workers took control of their city, and laid the basis for the expansion of the labour movement – which today is threatened by aggressive employer and state actions.  NUPGE is a federal umbrella of provincial unions.  To affiliate to the Canadian Labour Congress and its over three million members, unions like OPSEU across the country (except for Quebec and the Territories) must join NUPGE.

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Singh drifts left, Horwath treads water

by Barry W.

The convention was on Andrea Horwath’s home turf, but Jagmeet Singh stole the show.  The federal New Democratic Party leader grabbed national headlines when he spoke to Ontario NDP delegates about his New Deal for People.  It seeks to expand public health care to include universal pharma care by 2020, followed by free dental, vision, hearing, mental health services, long term home care and addictions treatment.  He proposes to pay for it by upping the federal corporate income tax from 15 to 18 per cent, and by creating a new, 1 per cent tax on people whose net worth is more than $20 million.  In a break from Tom Mulcair’s no-deficit, soft-austerity 2015 campaign, Singh vowed to fund green programs and infrastructure through a new $3 billion “climate bank”, to push to retrofit all buildings by 2050 (in the process creating 300,00 new jobs), and to build 500,000 new affordable housing units within a decade.

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