SA at POOF protest held August 21 on Toronto’s Yonge Street, south of Dundas

On Saturday, August 21 dozens of people blocked Toronto’s Yonge Street, at Dundas, responding to the call of Protecting ODSP OW Funding (POOF).
For nearly three hours organizer Isabella Gamk told the crowd, including many observing passersby, that Ontario Disability Support Programme is cruelly underfunded and condemns many people to hunger, homelessness, illness and untimely death.  ODSP and OW rates should be doubled.  Decent, affordable housing should be built on a mass scale by the government, by taking control of land development and the construction industry.

Members of Socialist Action participated in the rally and spoke to the gathering, as recorded in the attached video, courtesy of Jon Sanderson, the Canadian Commie.  Have a look.