Racism spikes in PSAC


Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte was, until March 2020, a long-time president of a large local union in the Public Service Alliance of Canada based in the Ottawa area.

Sandra emigrated in 1988 to Canada from her native Grenada in the south-east Caribbean.  She obtained employment in the federal public service and became involved in her union, the Union of National Defense Employees component of the PSAC.  As President of PSAC Local 70607 for 12 years, Sandra’s outstanding dedication to members, and her articulate persona attracted envy and hatred from some white members in her region, especially in recent times when Sandra gained accolades as a union spokesperson and educator on subjects like Black History Month.

Her bigoted opponents, mainly from locals outside her own, could not block Sandra’s path by democratic means.  So, they filed false charges of harassment against her.

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G20 Settlement: Justice Delayed and Denied


by Barry Weisleder

Ten years after the largest mass arrest in the history of Canada, the Toronto Police Board pledged to pay $16.5 million to the victims.  Over 1,600 protesters and bystanders who were arbitrarily boxed in, arrested and detained in inhuman conditions will share the award. Downtown Toronto was turned into an armed camp during the June 2010 gathering of leaders of 20 of the world’s biggest economies.

Subject to final approval by Ontario’s Superior Court, the settlement will give between $5,000 and $24,700 to each person arrested.  Tommy Taylor, one of the claimants, told the Toronto Star on August 17 that the settlement feels “surreal” after a decade of court negotiations and delays. “Justice delayed is justice denied”, said Taylor.

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New Brunswick Election: Another close encounter?


by Christopher (Chris) Wanamaker

Confusion reigns among New Brunswickers over the snap election called by Conservative Premier Blaine Higgs for September 14, in the midst of a pandemic.

Higgs said he called it because the Liberals ended negotiations over whether to permit his minority government to continue. Liberal leader Kevin Vickers says the Liberals ended talks because Higgs was trying to establish a “dictatorship.” Still, the Liberals wanted him to continue governing until the end of the pandemic.

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COVID Autumn Clouds Canada’s horizon


by Barry Weisleder

The growing instability of capitalist rule is evident in the Canadian state and economy, where a minority government tries to grapple with the devastating effects of the pandemic.  Rapidly shedding the COVID lock-down measures imposed in March, the business elite and their agents in political office risk a steep rise in hitherto relatively low rates of infection and fatality.  The Justin Trudeau Liberals turned on the money taps to cope with the pandemic — much of the spending going to resource corporations, banks, giant retailers, high tech firms and the military.  Popular discontent stalks the landscape.

Facing instant impoverishment, the 4.7 million workers who were on Canada Emergency Relief Benefit on August 2 got a brief reprieve when Ottawa extended the CERB through much of September.  But 82 per cent of recipients will later get less or nothing under existing Employment Insurance rules.

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Let’s Rally for Labour on Labour day!

Let’s Rally for Labour on Labour day!


Monday Sept 7, at 2:00 pm

At the Vancouver Public Library, Main Branch

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/668076417144640

Socialist Action BC has initiated a Rally to celebrate the people who do everything, make everything, fix everything and transport everything, the workers of Canada. Let’s celebrate the often racialized under paid essential workers. Let’s join together and raise our voices for a better deal and a better world.

All organizations supporting labour, against oppression or fighting climate change are welcome. Bring your own placards and banners, your own leaflets and pamphlets. All organizations can present a speaker. Everyone gets 5 minutes.

THIS IS A SAFE RALLY. PLEASE WEAR A MASK, PLEASE MAINTAIN 2 METRES DISTANCE. Socialist Action will have some spare masks. Contact us at garyporter24@gmail.com, or by text at 2505893650

Let us know if want speaking time.

A Celebration of our strength in unity in a time of pandemic, recession, climate ruin, racist cop attacks, and attacks on our living standards and our democratic rights.