Workers Action Movement Conference

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Join us for the first cross country Workers Action Movement (WAM) Conference which will take place online on Sunday, February 28, starting at 10 a.m. PST (Vancouver), 11 a.m. MST (Edmonton), 12 noon CST (Winnipeg), 1 p.m. EST (Toronto), 2 p.m. AST (St John NB), and 2:30 p.m. NL ST (St. John’s). Following the success of the WAM campaign at the Ontario Federation of Labour in 2019, we hope to launch a solid campaign for new polices and leaders at the Canadian Labour Congress convention in June 2021.

Workers across the country are on the front lines fighting COVID 19 with inadequate support from our labour movement. The vaccination delays, the lack of personal protective equipment and paid sick leave, the overall priority of profits over human needs, with the spotlight on the most precarious and vulnerable workers keeping the economy moving, have all shown the need for a dramatic change in labour union priorities and leadership.

The WAM conference will focus on current trends in the labour movement, including bargaining for essential workers in dire need of decent wages, job security and PPE on the front lines. We will look at the wildcat strike launched by health sector workers in Alberta, and the fight for equity in our labour movement. We will hear from activists who work on the ground fighting for workers rights, who call out the misleadership of our unions and the lack of progress in fighting systemic racism, concessions bargaining, the far right and Eco-catastrophe.

1 pm. Current trends in the labour movement:

Debbie McGuinness, LCBO worker, President of OPSEU Local 5110, LBED Provincial Health & Safety Committee

Greg Mady, President of Edmonton and District Labour Council, member of CUPW will report on hospital support staff who launched the historic wildcat strike in Alberta.

Nicholas Thompson, social justice advocate who is leading the black class action lawsuit against the federal government for systemic discrimination against Blacks, and President of PSAC local 48

3 p.m. Preparation for Canadian Labour Congress convention in June:

Barry Conway, CUPE 5167 in Hamilton, past WAM candidate for President of the Ontario Federation of Labour who received 36% support in 2019.

Sandra Griffith Bonaparte, President of UNDE local 70607, Joint Learning Program facilitiator.

Stephen Crozier, past President, New Westminster and District Labour Council, B.C. Teacher

Julius Arscott, Executive Board Member, OPSEU Region 5 (Toronto), WAM Steering Committee