Solidarity with the York University Food Workers!

Socialist Action fully supports the militant Aramark workers, members of Unite Here Local 75 at York University. We say: Working people make the country run. Working people should run the country!

Over 200 food service workers at York University went on one-day strike on February 2. A full strike next week is highly possible.

Striking workers say “enough is enough” to very long hours, in low-wage, precarious jobs, replete with racist harassment in their workplace. They demand what they deserve: respect and dignity at work, decent wages and benefits, and good working conditions. Aramark, the company sub-contracted by York University, dares to insist that $12 an hour is enough. The Aramark workers demand that the base rate be raised to $15 immediately.

To build support for the strike, students and other campus allies handed out thousands of fliers throughout out the day, and they launched the website. A student organizer summarized it aptly: “Students and workers on campus are one. Workers impacted by poverty wages, by no benefits, by disrespect in the workplace, automatically impacts us as students because we are the future workers.” We agree totally.

Inequality continues to increase in Canada. Wealth concentrates at the top, while over 50% of workers in the GTA are trapped in precarious jobs. Debt is crushing the unemployed and working people. The burden of post-secondary school tuition fees and debt weighs heavily on students.

This situation is intolerable and it must end.

We support the Aramark workers’ demands, and add the following goals:

  • Smash the bosses’ agenda of precarious employment, low pay and social cuts! Money for jobs and education, not for war and police repression. Fight for economic democracy and socialism.
  • Common Front, General Strike, Workers’ Government! Build a common front. Follow the example of Aramark workers, students, and faculty at York University. The next step is to generalize the struggle across all sectors.
  • Challenge Labour and the NDP to fight the bosses’ agenda. Build a class struggle opposition inside the unions and the NDP. The top brass should stop apologizing for the NDP being a labour party and should defend the workers’ interests. With real wages frozen for over 30 years, workers need a raise. A minimum wage of $18/hour would be a good start. Fight for it.

This struggle can be won. Alone, an individual can do little. But the working class united can move mountains. Together we can create a world fit for humanity, fully in harmony with nature. It is the most worthwhile aim. Join us in the fight for workers’ power, eco-socialism and feminism.

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Photo by David Bush