Socialists march with 20,000+ union members in Toronto’s annual Labour Day Parade

Sep. 04, 2023 | by Barry Weisleder | Socialist Action

The contingent led by Socialist Action, the NDP Socialist Caucus and the Workers’ Action Movement helped to set the tone by chanting the slogan “Dump Thug Ford with a General Strike!” This was partly in response to the news that Ontario’s Housing Minister Steve Clark had just resigned under intense public pressure for his role in the Greenbelt land swap debacle.

Hundreds of copies of an SA leaflet distributed widely presented the following message:

Labour is Awakening

Across the country and around the world there is a labour awakening. Strikes to contend with the rising cost of living and growing job insecurity are shaking the establishment. From giant grocery chains to sprawling dockyards, from federal public services to salt mines, to railway car makers, to liquor stores, to movie and TV production sets, workers are standing up. Who will be next to take job action: teachers, truck drivers, nurses, auto workers?

Many who choose to strike do so only after turning down flawed tentative agreements recommended by conservative union leaders. Meanwhile the bosses bank billions in profit and serve the interests of the war mongering, nature-destroying ruling capitalist class.
Isn’t it time to WAM it to the bosses and bureaucrats?

Make Labour Day a spring board for class struggle. It is time to advance a Workers’ Agenda at the Ontario Federation of Labour Convention, November 20-24, 2023.

Join the Workers’ Action Movement to plan the next steps forward to promote solidarity with workers in struggle, and to elect new, militant, democratic union leaders.

Join Socialist Action, a founding component of WAM.

Socialist Action fights for:

  • A swift wage catch-up. Rescind anti-labour laws. Roll back prices on food, fuel and rent. Win unlimited Paid Sick Leave.
  • For climate justice and Indigenous self-determination.
  • For accessible, supportive, rent-geared-to-income Housing for All in need.
  • De-fund, disarm and disband the police.
  • Free public transit, not more highways.
  • Free, quality, 24-hour childcare.
  • Repair schools and Reduce class size.
  • Nationalize Giant Landlords, Banks, Telecoms, Retail chains and Grocery monopolies, and Big Oil and Gas, under workers’ and Indigenous control.
  • End the proxy war in Ukraine. Canada Out of NATO. Money for human needs, not fighter jets, war ships, and tanks.
  • For greater local democracy, not stronger mayor powers.
  • Hands off the Greenbelt. Put land back into the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve. Dump Thug Ford with a General Strike!