The Red Review – New Brunswick CUPE Workers on Strike FT. Mackenzie Thomason Provincial Leader of the NDP

All the people who work on The Red Review live and work on stolen Indigenous lands across Turtle Island. There can be no reconciliation without restitution, which includes Land Back and seizing the assets of the major resource corporations and returning them to the commons. 

In this bonus episode of The Red Review, brought to you by Socialist Action, Emily and Daniel interview Mackenzie Thomason, bus driver, CUPE 1253 member, and recently acclaimed leader of the New Brunswick NDP.

Mackenzie talks picket line vibes, community support, demands of striking workers, taking on the Irving empire, government ban on land acknowledgements, and a surging New Brunswick NDP that puts people first, not profit!


Facebook: New Brunswick NDP
Twitter: New Brunswick NDP
Petition: “Time for Blaine Higgs to Resign” and Article
Article: “Province-wide job action is the only way left for us to be heard” by  President of CUPE New Brunswick Steven Drost

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