Free Meng Wanzhou. Normalize relations with China

Protesters gathered outside the Toronto constituency office of Deputy Prime Minister and University-Rosedale M.P. Chrystia Freeland to demand “Free Meng Wanzhou.  Normalize relations with China” on Tuesday, December 1.
The organizers seek to end Ottawa’s complicity with illegal United States’ trade sanctions against Iran, and to defuse growing tensions between Ottawa and Beijing. 

Meng, the CFO of Huawei Technologies Corp., has been held for nearly two years under house arrest in Vancouver, facing extradition to the U.S. and imprisonment, for allegedly violating sanctions considered illegal by the United Nations.  U.S. President Trump openly stated that Meng is a bargaining chip in his bid to force better trade terms from China.  Workers and farmers in Canada have suffered the consequences of this escalating Cold War.  Alarmingly, it is stoking racist, anti-Chinese sentiment.

The Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, along with anti-war, social justice and other progressive bodies initiated a cross-Canada Day of Action on Tuesday, December 1, to Free Meng Wanzhou and Normalize Relations with China.  On the same day, actions occurred in Montreal, Toronto, Hamilton, Regina, and Vancouver.
In Toronto, Socialist Action organized a picket at the entrance to 344 Bloor Street West, the building that houses the constituency office of Liberal MP and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.  Global TV and OMNI Television crews arrived to cover the event.
“Trudeau and Freeland claim that they are just following the rule of law” said Socialist Action spokesperson Barry Weisleder.  “It is certainly not any law made in this country.  What about the laws that government allows the rich to break with impunity?  Tax law.  Environmental protection laws.  Health and safety in the work place laws.  Indigenous land rights.  What do you call that sort of political misbehavior?  It’s a four syllable word that starts with H and rhymes with autocracy, bureaucracy and plutocracy.”