Let’s Rally for Labour on Labour day!

Let’s Rally for Labour on Labour day!


Monday Sept 7, at 2:00 pm

At the Vancouver Public Library, Main Branch

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/668076417144640

Socialist Action BC has initiated a Rally to celebrate the people who do everything, make everything, fix everything and transport everything, the workers of Canada. Let’s celebrate the often racialized under paid essential workers. Let’s join together and raise our voices for a better deal and a better world.

All organizations supporting labour, against oppression or fighting climate change are welcome. Bring your own placards and banners, your own leaflets and pamphlets. All organizations can present a speaker. Everyone gets 5 minutes.

THIS IS A SAFE RALLY. PLEASE WEAR A MASK, PLEASE MAINTAIN 2 METRES DISTANCE. Socialist Action will have some spare masks. Contact us at garyporter24@gmail.com, or by text at 2505893650

Let us know if want speaking time.

A Celebration of our strength in unity in a time of pandemic, recession, climate ruin, racist cop attacks, and attacks on our living standards and our democratic rights.