WAM it to the bosses

The Workers’ Action Movement — a fledgling, new, positive force for change, inside and outside the ranks of organized labour – has an ambitious goal. It is determined to break the hold of capitalist austerity and to end the downward spiral of concessions bargaining.
The founders of WAM seek to establish a cross-union, class struggle caucus that is anti-capitalist, anti-austerity, anti-concessions, and pro-union democracy.
WAM strives for change based on policies, not on personalities; to replace misleaders on political grounds; to affirm union democratic principles from the bottom up; and to build an independent, class struggle movement from below that is inclusive, transparent and accountable. That means change to the overall direction of our unions, and support for union activists who battle concessions and anti-democratic practices. Not confined to unionists, WAM aims to work with social justice movements, and welcomes all workers and activists from those movements.

indexThis body of union radicals emerged from the Take Back the CLC campaign that sought to elect Hassan Husseini to the position of President of the Canadian Labour Congress in May 2014. Although Husseini did not win, the cross-country organizing effort contributed significantly to the defeat of Ken Georgetti – the first time a sitting incumbent lost. Take Back campaigners decided to convene a grassroots labour assembly at the People’s Social Forum in Ottawa in August 2014. Over 150 activists attended. They agreed to form an anti-capitalist, pro-democracy body in the unions, and to include civil society organizations and individuals in that effort. Over twenty people volunteered to serve on a temporary steering committee. Via telephone conferences and e-mail, we formulated a Basis of Unity and set WAM in motion.
The campaign to save home mail delivery is one of its current priorities. Why? Because the static.squarespace.com__1attack on public services is at the forefront of the corporate agenda. The plan to eliminate home mail delivery would eliminate over 8,000 good jobs and weaken one of Canada’s most democratic unions. At the same time, the postal service cuts are deeply unpopular, and could be the Achilles heel of the Harper Conservative government.
But mass action is needed to win. Unfortunately, the union leadership required is not forthcoming.
The Workers’ Action Movement is trying to make a difference, but cannot substitute for the mass organizations. Our ideas are strong, but our resources are meager. That is why we are trying to change the leadership and overall direction of existing unions. Potentially, militant and democratic unions are the key to unlocking the power of the working class to create a better world for all.
A constitution and an elected steering committee will be put in place over the coming year. To become a voting member of WAM send $2 a month, or $24 a year to: www.workersactionmovement.com Together we will win.
solidarity forever