Socialist Action at Status for All demo in Toronto

Socialist Action at Status for All Demo in Toronto

Sept 17, 2023 | by Barry Weisleder | Socialist Action

The Migrant Workers’ Movement for Change issued the following statement: “Bills are skyrocketing, rent is beyond reach, forests are ablaze, and healthcare is being privatized. We are in the midst of an inequality crisis, with migrants who grow the food, care for the sick, build the homes, and keep us going bearing some of the heaviest burden. Lack of permanent resident status leaves them without basic rights and protections; yet without them, society would grind to a halt. Combating climate change and ending the affordability crisis also requires regularizing all undocumented people. Achieving justice and equality for all requires permanent resident status for all. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau keeps stalling and we cannot keep waiting. The time for change is now.”

On September 17, 2023, the day before Parliament returned, massive cross-country actions took place. In Toronto some two thousand people rallied and marched together down Yonge Street, from Bloor. Socialist Action was proud to participate, as you can see in the photos below.