SA at the Climate Justice Rally November 6 in Toronto

Hundreds of climate justice advocates rallied at Toronto’s Queen’s Park on Saturday, November 6.  They gathered in solidarity with tens of thousands who paraded through the streets of Glasgow, the Scottish city hosting the UN climate summit.
Around the world, people took action to demand that governments act meaningfully to reduce the use of climate-warming fossil fuels that damage the planet.
Socialist Action’s banner “Eco-socialism or Extinction”, beside the SA canopy and literature display in Toronto, was a busy hub as dozens of people stopped to take photos, buy booklets and buttons, and sign up for more information.
An SA spokesperson said “Greta Thunberg is correct.  COP26 is a failure.  The big polluters, and their governments continue to put profits before people.  The only way to save humanity and nature from climate catastrophe is to nationalize Big Oil and Gas, the giant banks and major industries, and to put them under workers’, Indigenous and community control.  That requires a Workers’ Government and the socialist transformation of society.”