Protest against Trudeau/Freeland government foreign policy on May 25

by Barry Weisleder

Over 20 people responded to the call of the Greater Toronto for BDS Coalition on May 25 to protest the complicity of the Canadian government with the Israeli Apartheid state and its oppression of the Palestinian people.
The information picket occurred in front of the building that houses the constituency office of University-Rosedale MP Chrystia Freeland, the Liberal Deputy Prime Minister and government Finance Minister.
Freeland, who is known for her prominent role as head of the Lima Group that has sought to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuela, bears direct responsibility for Ottawa’s unflinching support for the Zionist occupation of Palestine and its recent bombardment of Gaza which has left hundreds of dead and thousands of casualties in the beseemed territory.
The GT4BDS Coalition called on Ottawa to cancel its purchase of $35 million in Israeli drones, and to stop the illegal recruitment of soldiers in Canada by the Israeli armed forces.
Many passersby took literature from coalition members, stopped to sign a petition, listened to speeches and chants, while cyclists and drivers gave a thumbs-up sign or honked their approval.
As recent mass demonstrations in Toronto and around the world have shown, Palestinians have never been so united, and so widely supported, while Israel and its backers have never been so politically isolated.