Dump Thug Ford with a General Strike

On a warm, sunny Saturday, April 24 at 12 noon, Socialist Action members gathered at the south end of Queen’s Park in Toronto to protest the abominable Doug Ford Conservative provincial government.  To be safe, participants employed physical distancing, masks, and gloves. Scores of passing drivers honked in approval.  Dozens of pedestrians approached and took literature; some signed up for e-mail contact.  The event, hosted by Socialist Action demanded the following:

Paid Sick Leave Now for all workers, closure of workplaces where there is an outbreak of COVID 19 and variants of concern, Steep Taxation of pandemic profiteers, Expropriation of private Long Term Care corporations, $20/hour minimum wage, No tenant evictions, Massive construction of social housing, Free Public Transit, and the Nationalization of Big Pharma with instructions to produce vaccines to combat the viruses ravaging the population.