Another world is possible.

We are fighting for a world fit for human beings and for a mass revolutionary party to lead the struggle to victory. If you agree with what we stand for, we invite you to join us!

Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action socialiste is an organization of revolutionary socialists across the Canadian state, active in the labour movement, social justice, international solidarity, feminist and environmental campaigns. SA/LAS supporters work to build the NDP Socialist Caucus, support for indigenous peoples’ struggles, as well as anti-war, anti-poverty and human rights movements. SA/LAS strives to build a Revolutionary Workers’ International. To that end, and to foster international workers’ solidarity, SA/LAS seeks to collaborate with revolutionary socialists and their organizations around the world.

Our Newspaper

We co-produce a monthly newspaper together with Socialist Action USA,. It is arguably the best political newspaper in North America. You can buy a subscription here or get your paper copy from one of our activists.

The Blog

We regularly publish high quality articles on a variety of topics.

Socialism 2020 Webcasts

Socialist Action webcasts feature activists and experts. They stimulate vivid debates on important political, social, and economic issues.

May Day Celebration

Socialist May Day Celebration is a Toronto tradition. We organized the 34th one in 2020. As always, many artists and speakers joined the show. Tens of people jammed into the Free Times Cafe.

Rebel Films

One of the best film festivals in Toronto. After screening of great films, an activist or expert leads off the discussion. Tens of people stay for the discussion. (2020 screenings are cancelled due to the pandemic.)

What is Socialism?

You want to know what socialism is. But where should you start? We partnered with our sister organization (Socialist Action USA) to prepare a reading list for you.