Pictures of Toronto SA picnic August 31, 2019

In the attached photos are scenes from the annual Toronto Socialist Action End of Summer Picnic held on August 31 at the Bain Avenue Housing Co-op.

Entertainment included HOTCHA! (the terrific duo of Beverly Kreller and Howard Druckman), operatic singers Y.C. Lee and Emily Steers, and poetry by young Aromal A. and Corey D.

Amidst abundant and very tasty food and drinks, SA welcomed several new members, reviewed the turbulent global political situation, prepared for a new season of Rebel Films, and more immediately, readied for our participation in Toronto’s Labour Day Parade. The latter, on Monday, September 2, starts at the corner of Queen and University. Look for the Socialist Action and NDP Socialist Caucus banners at 9 a.m. sharp.

Happy Labour Day! Workers to Power!