McGuinty resigns. Let’s give the boot to his Ontario Liberal regime and the federal Tories.

Desperate to change the channel on his scandal-wracked administration, Dalton McGuinty announced this evening, October 15, that he is stepping down as Ontario Premier and Leader of the Ontario Liberal Party.

McGuinty won’t be missed. But his decision to prorogue the Legislature is totally unacceptable. For months to come, his corrupt regime won’t be required to answer Opposition questions in the Legislature while he and his henchmen work behind the scenes to muscle more unions into the wage freeze zone. More cuts to jobs, to services, and more privatizations are in store — with minimal accountability.
Now is the time for labour, hopefully with active support from the NDP, to take mass job action to demand that Law 115, the anti-teacher/education worker legislation be rescinded, and that the cuts to public sector jobs and services be reversed.

Tax corporations and the rich. Index wages and pensions to every rise in the cost of living. For a general strike to bring down the wretched Ontario Liberal regime and the Stephen Harper-led federal Tory government.