Socialist Action March Along with 20,000+ union members for Toronto's 150th Labour Day Parade

Socialist Action Members March with 20,000+ union members for Toronto’s 150th Labour Day Parade

Last Monday, Socialist Action took part in the 150th Labour Day Parade. Organized by the Toronto and York Region Labour Council.

Canada Socialist Action

Socialist Action was joined by members of the Municipal Socialist Alliance and over 20,000 union members from both the public and private sectors. Comrades and allies marched from Queen and University to the entrance of the CNE. Chanting, singing, waving flags and banners, and even posing for pictures along the way.

Canada Socialist Action

Upon arrival at the CNE, Socialist Action stood in solidarity with the striking TSSA workers from OPSEU, who did not enter the park grounds.

Canada Socialist Action

An article posted to the CBC on the day of the march even featured an image that prominently displayed Socialist Action’s flags and banners on the headline.

Canada Socialist Action (via CBC)

Socialist Action is an organization that works towards helping spark a revolutionary change in Ontario and across Canada, first by dumping Doug Ford with a general strike.