Interviews With TSSA Strikers

Nearly 200 members of OPSEU Local 546 are on strike against the Technical Standards and Safety Authority in Ontario.  These front line workers inspect elevators, ski lifts, food trucks and amusement park rides.  They check fuel-burning equipment, boilers and pressure vessels, as well as gas stations, propane dispensing stations and nuclear power plants.  They are on strike because the TSSA, an agency that works at arms length from the provincial government, has been trying to make do with fewer safety inspectors, less regular inspections and less accountability.  The workers need and deserve a wage catch-up.

I interviewed a striker at their information picket near the entrance to the Canadian National Exhibition on August 19, 2022, with thanks to OPSEU Executive Board Member Julius Arscott who recorded the conversation.

— Barry Weisleder, Socialist Action

Socialist Action / LAS attends rally in support of TSSA striking workers at the opening ceremony of the EX in Toronto!

Another worker was also interviewed by Barry Weisleder, with help from Julius Arscott.

Member of OPSEU / SEFPO local 546 interviewed by Barry Weisleder on the work done by TSSA Safety Inspectors and the impact of the employers actions.