For 300 nights we’ve come together.

For 300 nights, no matter the weather.

While pandemic rages around us all,

“Hail front line workers” remains our call.

The builders, the cleaners, the garbage collectors,

The drivers, the farmers, the nursing home inspectors.

The teachers, the painters, the energy providers,

The doctors, the scientists,

But not the corporate insiders.

We crave a better world, not confined to a past

Of poor choices, bad motives, that put public health last.

Some day the working class will rise, make justice prevail.

Through struggle our lives will be knitted in every detail.

In the meantime, take heart,

Let each do their part.

Every step brings us closer, so don’t fear to start.

Let music and solidarity lighten the load.

We have confidence they will, here on Roxton Road.-         B.W.