Interview with Daniel Tarade of Socialist Action on Mental Health and the Drug Wars on 1 + 1 with Yuri muckraker

From Yuri muckraker: ‘In this episode of 1+1, I had the great luxury to speak to Daniel Tarade a university student, and activist part of Socialist Action Canada and NDP Socialist Caucus. We talk about the global Mental Health crisis and the inability of people to get good access to good Mental Health treatment and how the epidemic in places like Canada and similar places is related to the capitalist system very much the global system of the one percenters and plutocrats and rival oligarchs and how this system produces so much the mental anguish in people. We discuss that, the dark history of Mental healthcare, the need to end the Drug War, the opiate epidemic ravaging Canadians and how it came about that and the homelessness epidemic in Canada and why Canada and the world needs to merge Mental Healthcare with a single player/universal healthcare system provided by a democratic worker’s friendly/people power government. All this but tons more in this very special episode about one of the biggest taboo subjects which is mental healthcare. This episode is dedicated to all those suffering in the horrific world of mental health crisis be it depression (chronic or otherwise) Manic-Depression (bipolar disorder), burn-out, hikikomori, anxiety disorders, post-partum depression and illness, body dysmorphia, eating disorders, OCD, or trauma and PTSD, this episode is dedicated to you, may you find peace, compassion, empathy, companionship, love, good support, and surrounded by it and if not, you may think your alone and treated badly and feel you aren’t loved, but you are and someone out there wishes they could help and someone out there is feeling your pain, so don’t give up and may you find the inner peace and strength to overcome your torment. and this episode is dedicated to past guests of mine some of whom have had trauma and hardship come to them, thank you for the work you do and thank you for inspiring me to not give in, not give up. Peace, love, and happiness to you.’