Another great Rebel Film night in Toronto on October 11

Attached are some photos taken at the well-attended Rebel Film night, October 11 at OISE U of Toronto.

The outstanding film “Nae Passaran” showed the power of international working class solidarity. Forty years on, Scottish factory workers discover the impact of their refusal to work on Chilean jet engines at the Rolls-Royce factory, in the wake of the ruthless, U.S.-backed military coup in Chile in 1973. The workers kept the labour boycott going for four years. Anna Ainsworth, Executive Board member of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union, and one of the leaders of the community college teachers’ strike in 2017, opened a lively and highly participatory discussion. Enclosed pix show Anna, meeting chair Elizabeth Byce, and part of the crowd. Folks bought books and buttons, and snapped up copies of the new Socialist Action Federal Election Manifesto 2019. To see the Manifesto text, along with news about future films, our Election Watch party at the Imperial Pub in Toronto on October 21, and the SA Education for Activists Conference, November 15-16, please visit: Socialist Action – Canada