Latest Deals in the Building Trades Deepen Wage Slavery


Many Ontario construction workers, including those belonging to unions, are being dehumanized in the workplace through an array of repressive techniques.

– Surveillance via on-site cameras.

– Pressure to do precarious work, alone.

– Pressure to complete tasks in unrealistic time frames.

– Being shifted or laid off with little or no notice.

– The hiring of foremen who are under-skilled and scared of management.

– An increase in questionable hiring and firing practices by the bosses.

– Coercion and intimidation are used to get employees to forego their rights to proper pay and safety practices.

The most recent round of bargaining, and the resulting collective agreements, failed to address any of these issues in a meaningful way.  In fact, the contractors have multiplied their efforts to take away the hard fought-for rights won by workers over the years.

The bosses want to impose a longer work week with less overtime pay, and to limit the wage increase to a level far below the rising cost of living.  They provide a bigger wage increase for foremen — to drive a wedge between them and the rest of the workforce.  Many employers treat their workers like pawns, with no thought for our personal well being and happiness.

It’s time to speak out against these injustices and show the bosses that we will not tolerate being treated like company property.  Just because they pay us does not mean they own us.

There is power in numbers, power in unity, power in our common interest. When all the trades act as one, the profit generated by hard work will be reclaimed by workers.  To advance a Workers’ Agenda we need greater union democracy, and a break from the parties of big business, the Liberals and Tories.  Join us!

This leaflet is produced by members of Socialist Action who are plumbers, steam fitters, sheet metal workers, carpenters and general labourers in the building trades.