The Truth About Venezuela

The Truth About Venezuela, a Socialist Action public forum on August 11 at U of Toronto, drew an enthusiastic crowd of sixty people to hear guest speaker Dr. Maria Paez Victor, who had just returned from a visit to her homeland.
With dramatic photos and poignant commentary, Maria Victor debunked many media and capitalist governments’ myths claiming there is chaos and widespread malnutrition in the oil-rich country.
Audience members included people from several Latin America and Caribbean countries.  Among them was the Consul General of Venezuela in Toronto. 
SA federal secretary Barry Weisleder addressed the meeting with a brief statement urging unity in action to defend Venezuela against foreign intervention and the threat of a right wing coup.  In the lively floor discussion that followed, speakers expressed support for the work of the VenezuelaSolidarity Committee, in which SA participates.
Videos of the talks below: