Trotsky School, Nov 18-19

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Revolutionary Strategy

Socialist Action Toronto’s Trotsky School : 9th Annual Education for Activists’ Conference

November 18-19 ●  Woodsworth Residence (U of T) Room 20 ● 321 Bloor St  West [map]


Friday, November 18

6 p.m. Registration

7 p.m.  “The Working Class and the Road to Power”, a presentation by John Riddell, drawing on his books on the Communist International, including the latest, which he co-edited, “To the Masses”.  Barry Weisleder, co-editor of Socialist Action newspaper, will contribute as a ‘discussant’ on the panel.

Saturday, November 19

10 a.m.  “Theories of Underdevelopment – What Path to Prosperity for the Poor Countries?”, with Yasin Kaya, PhD. candidate in Political Science, York University.

12 noon   Lunch break.  Screening of film “Fidel is Fidel” (with English subtitles)

1 p.m.  “What’s Wrong with Identity Politics?”, talks by John Wilson, a Socialist Action leader and a pioneer of the gay liberation movement in Ontario; Cherie MacDonald, long time pro-choice activist; and Nick Mule, founder of Queer Ontario, and associate professor in the School of Social Work, York U.

4 p.m.  “Is Climate Justice Possible?”, with Robbie Mahood, a leader of SA/LAS based in Montreal.  There may be an additional speaker, t.b.a.


  • $5 per session
  • $10 in advance for all sessions
  • or PWYC

Contact |  (647) 986 – 1917 |  (647) 728 – 9143