McMaster students begin 2nd week of hunger strike for a fossil free university

by Tom Baker,  March 27, 2023

On March 24 over 100 students and community members rallied in support of five students from the McMaster Divestment Project (MacDivest) who are on a hunger strike against a duplicitous “green washing” university administration. 

The student group has gained local and national news coverage for their demands that the university cancel construction of 4 on-site natural gas powered generators, and that McMaster divest its $30.4 million in fossil fuel holdings.

MacDivest states that sustainable clean energy options exist and would be less expensive than the planned project.  McMaster executives have shown no inclination to divest and hypocritically claim this project is a stop-gap in their plan to reach net zero carbon by 2050!  

At the rally, Sara Jama, newly elected NDP MPP for Hamilton Centre, expressed her  concern for the students’ welfare and urged everyone to support the students demands and continue to push against the administration on this point.

Socialist Action stands with the striking students and adds it name to the list of those demanding that the University administration immediately cancel the project and apologize to the students and the broader community for its ill-conceived plans to further pollute a city already burdened with some of Canada’s worst air quality.

Socialist Action, Hamilton

Caption: Students carrying environmentalist placards, protesting investments in fossil fuels.

Photo: Michael To/CBC