Big turnout for SA “Celebrate 150 Years of Resistance” on July 7!

A mostly young crowd of about one hundred, including several indigenous women activists, attended the Socialist Action gala “Celebrate 150 Years of Resistance to Colonialism, Genocide, Exploitation and Environmental Plunder” at OISE U of Toronto on the evening of July 7.

They heard seven speakers, including Carrie Lester, Mohawk Land Defender and Water Protector and Idle No More activist. Plus musical performances by singers-songwriters Mama D, Glen Hornblast, and  Mohammed Ali Aumeer of Socialist Hip Hop.

After the presentations, which highlighted the ugly truth about the Canadian state, a lively, at times emotional Q&A took place.  At the conclusion, the meeting chair, leading Socialist Action member and retired postal worker Elizabeth Byce, presented the following resolution, which was approved by unanimous vote:

“Whereas:  There can be no reconciliation without restitution.  No peace without justice.

No shift from carbon fuel to clean green energy without public ownership.  And no democracy without equality.

Therefore, we do not celebrate capitalism and the Canadian state.  We seek to overthrow them, and to build a cooperative commonwealth under workers’ and community control.”

SA recorded the proceedings of the gala.  The video will be posted on

Two people applied to join SA at the event.  Another three, by correspondence, expressed a similar interest.

The next SA event is Socialism in the Park, three talks/discussions on revolutionary theory and practice.  It will be held at Toronto’s Christie Pits Park, Bloor St. at Christie Ave., 7 p.m. on July 26, August 2, and August 9.  For more information, respond to this e-message and/or phone 647-986-1917 .