What YSA stands for


  1. We stand for workers’ democracy and socialism. We are active partisans of the working class and the class struggle.
  2. We fight to empower young people on campus, in the community, and in the workplace.
  3. We fight against racism in all its forms. We are supporters of self-government for First Nations, and sovereignty for the Quebecois. We defend the right to self-determination for all oppressed nations around the world.
  4. We are opposed to any and all discrimination based on gender or sexual orientation. We support equal rights for all.
  5. We fight to protect the environment from the ravages of capitalism.
  6. We oppose police brutality, and any measures by the state to remove or restrict democratic rights.
  7. We stand for free quality public education for all, from kindergarten through university.
  8. We denounce imperialism, and oppose all Canadian imperialist interventions, regardless the excuses given.
  9. We stand in solidarity with the Cuban people and their revolution.
  10. We advocate independent working class political action. We give critical support to the New Democratic Party, the only mass labour party in English Canada, and fight for the establishment of a mass workers’ party based on the unions in Quebec.

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