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Trudeau clings to Harper’s odious refugee (and other) laws

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, John McCallum, can designate innocent groups of individuals arriving in Canada for discriminatory treatment. Designated Foreign Nationals (DFNs) are subject to mandatory detention for lengthy periods, with minimal review. There is no right of appeal to the Refugee Appeal Division for those whose refugee claims are denied. Even if a claimant is eventually recognized by Canada as a refugee, he or she cannot begin the process of bringing relatives to this country for at least five years — a violation of the fundamental right to speedy family reunification. Continue reading Trudeau clings to Harper’s odious refugee (and other) laws

How “inspiring” is Trudeau’s “feminism”?

by Barry Weisleder
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the tens of thousands of people who participated in the Women’s March across Canada, including over 60,000 in Toronto, on January 21.

“Congratulations to the women and men across Canada who came out yesterday to support women’s rights. You keep your government inspired,” Trudeau wrote on Twitter. Continue reading How “inspiring” is Trudeau’s “feminism”?

Trudeau trying and lying to catch up

by Barry Weisleder
Though the October 19 Canadian federal election is still three months away, the changing pattern of public opinion is forcing the major parties to shift gears.  According to a major late-June poll, the labour-based NDP has the support of 35 per cent and is extending its lead.  The governing Conservatives have fallen to 28 per cent, and the Liberal Party is down to 29 per cent.
It’s no surprise that both big business parties are increasingly directing their fire at the NDP.  But the Liberals, under their man-boy leader Justin Trudeau, are turning to very traditional tactics — stealing and lying.

Continue reading Trudeau trying and lying to catch up