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The Panitch-Gindin Attack on the Greek Left

by Bob Lyons
The international response to Leo Panitch’s first foray into justifying the Tsipras faction’s betrayal of the Greek people’s NO to austerity and NO to the diktats of European imperialism, was one of almost universal approbation.  And, with great justification, much derision.
To put it bluntly, the European left, from Tariq Ali to Kevin Ovenden, heaped great, steaming mounds of scorn on what Ovenden termed a piece not equal to the level of a serious debate.

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Capitalist Austerity or Socialist Revolution – Greece and Beyond!

Presentation to the Socialist Action workshop at the Toronto People’s Social Forum held on July 11, 2015 at Ryerson University

by Barry Weisleder, Federal Secretary, SA/LAS

Let’s begin by saluting the workers and farmers, women and youths of Greece. They are waging a valiant struggle against the reactionary agenda of the European Union bosses and bankers. The victory of the NO, in Greek the word is Oxi, in the historic referendum on July 5, is a victory for the entire world working class. It is a sign of hope. While we have heard, in the last 24 hours, disturbing news of further concessions to the E.U. by the Greek government, to be sure, the struggle continues. Around the world, socialists and progressives should organize mass actions to demand cancellation of the odious debt, and to support the struggle for socialist transformation as advocated by the anti-capitalist electoral front, Antarsya, and by our comrades in OKDE-Spartacos, the Greek section of the Fourth International. Continue reading Capitalist Austerity or Socialist Revolution – Greece and Beyond!