Terror bill, MP defection, show Liberals, Tories more alike

by Barry Weisleder The massive ‘anti-terror’ Bill C-51 that Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is rushing through the House of Commons has been roundly denounced, including by four former Prime Ministers and five ex-Supreme Court judges. It would create a secret police force with powers to spy on Canadians, to break the law in order to […]

NDP Childcare Plan – a step forward

Though federal New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair rules out hiking taxes on corporations and the super-rich, and promotes investment in climate-wrecking fossil fuels and pipelines, the party’s campaign for a cross-country child care plan is a breath of fresh air. Stealing a march on the ruling Conservatives and the third party Liberals, the labour-based […]

OPS benefits cut, but NDP’s Horwath silent, and OFL’s Ryan pissed

Following the lead of the federal Conservative regime, the Ontario Liberal government announced that, starting in 2017, it will force its public service workers to pay more and work twice as long to qualify for retirement benefits such as life insurance and health coverage. The measures, which require retirees to pay half their benefit premiums, […]

Kellogg’s takes the money, and runs

by Barry Weisleder How can they get away with it? Ontario taxpayers have given millions to cereal-maker Kellogg Co., which amassed $2 billion in operating profits last year. In 2007, the Liberal government gave the breakfast food giant $2.4 million to buy processing and packaging equipment for its London, Ontario plant, two hours west of […]

Cracked, but still on track

by Barry Weisleder Too much ink already has been spilled to expose the antics of Toronto’s crack smoking, drunk driving, serial lying, gangster-linked mayor. The butt of late night comedy TV, Rob Ford is merely the unvarnished version of the establishment hardware. But behind the ongoing Rob Ford soap opera are a few noteworthy points. […]