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Why the NDP is a field of battle – In dialogue with comrades in the TF-FI


Why the NDP is a field of battle.

The question of the Canadian labour party, the party built by the trade union movement and the fusion with the former members of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation(CCF) , the antecedent social democratic party to the New Democratic Party, has been the subject of much debate within the Canadian left and now with our dialogue with the comrades of the Trotskyist Fraction-Fourth International, taking an international dimension as well.

The following document, adopted at the May 2019 national convention of Socialist Action/Ligue pour l’Action Socialiste (SA/LAS), elaborates in full our orientation to this field of class struggle, and in doing so contributes to a fuller understanding of how revolutionary socialists help build working class political independence in countries where bourgeois workers parties dominate the political landscape.

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SA/LAS in Dialog with the Trotskyist Fraction – F.I.

In 2016 and 2017 Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action socialiste (Canadian state) contributed to the formation of a new revolutionary political current in the Fourth International. It was based on a text which constituted a sound, principled and absolutely necessary challenge to the F.I. leadership’s abandonment of the historic programme of world Trotskyism. Published in six languages, the document gained support by organizations and individuals around the world. Unfortunately, the Platform for a Revolutionary International obtained few votes at the World Congress held in March 2018.

At the SA/LAS convention in Toronto in May 2018 we pledged to continue our close collaboration with our American comrades in Socialist Action (USA), our very good relations with the Fourth International section in Greece, with the comrades of the Anticapitalist and Revolution (AetR) tendency of the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA) in France, with the Revolutionary Left Anti-capitalists (IZAR) in Spain, with Socialist Democracy in Ireland, with the LUS in Mexico, and with co-thinkers in Italy, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong and other countries. Our efforts to participate in the FI as a sympathizing organization, or even to attain observer status, have seemingly reached a dead end. The decision of the 1995 World Congress to include SA/LAS in all F.I. gatherings has been systematically violated. Farcically, the dormant Gauche socialiste in Quebec, which claims to have ten members, remains the official F.I. section in Canada.

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