Canadian Socialist Action

End Student Military Recruitment at the Ontario College Information Fair | October 19th

On Wednesday, October 19th, the Canadian Armed Forces are holding a recruitment event at the Ontario College Information Fair at the Enercare Center in downtown Toronto. Socialist Action and the Municipal Socialist Alliance are committed to civil and non-violent direct action and plan to disrupt this recruitment event by exposing the reality of war. We demand the Canadian armed forces end student recruitment, and move to disarm and demilitarize in the face of what is an impending extinction-level climate catastrophe. Click for more information.

Canadian Socialist Action Webcast | Is Canada A Peacemaker? with Tamara Lorincz and Yves Engler

Socialist Action Webcast | Is Canada A Peacemaker? with Tamara Lorincz and Yves Engler

The third episode of the Canadian Socialist Action webcast is here with a discussion on Canadian foreign policy and 'Is Canada a Peacemaker?' with Yves Engler of the Canadian Foreign Policy Institute, and Tamara Lorincz of the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace. Please join our live webcast on Thursday, October 13th at 7 PM ET, or watch the recorded presentation anytime on the Socialist Action YouTube Channel.

Socialist Action founding member Robbie Mahood

A Celebration of the Life of Robbie Mahood

On October 1st, 2022, friends, family, and comrades gathered in Montreal, Quebec to celebrate the life of Robbie Mahood, a founding member and revolutionary voice of Socialist Action / Ligue pour l’Action Socialiste. Federal Secretary of Socialist Action, Barry Weisleder, spoke at the memorial for comrade Robbie Mahood.

Socialist Action and the PEARS Project

Socialist Action joined the University of Toronto student-led protest against institutionalized sexual abuse

On Friday, October 7th, Socialist Action joined the PEARS Project (Prevention, Empowerment, Advocacy, Response for Survivors) along with over one hundred students and community members who rallied at Simcoe Hall on the U of T campus to demand meaningful action from the University of Toronto in support of rape victims on campus.

Socialist Action webcast

Socialist Action Webcasts: A New Season Has Begun

The Socialist Action webcast series has returned for a new season, featuring a number of great panel guests discussing a number of pressing topics. This season, Canadian Socialist Action will be joined by members from across the country and around the globe, as we discuss important political, social, and economic issues.